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    Pinarello time trial

    Like this bike? ;)
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    My new Pinarello Montello telekom bike

    A photo of the complete bike; :D (Original Team Telekom 03, it's Guerini's bike) With a Bora in the rear, because my Ghibli wasn't ready And, yes I know the seat+ seatpost-clamp is ugly :( :rolleyes: Like it???
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    My Pinarello tt bike photos

    Making a 1.8kg frame (sorry it was 2kg including BB), with TTbars (650g) and Ghibli Disc (1kg w/o tubular) <6.8kg is very difficult :rolleyes: I don't know much TT bikes that are <6.8kg The TTbikes used in de TdF Alpe d'Huez TT (uphill TT) were mostly 7kg+. And that bikes didn't have a disc...
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    My Pinarello tt bike photos

    I still think my bike is lighter than the Pinerello but that bike is just too awesome. -> Trying to get the Pinarello <6.8kg :)
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    My Pinarello tt bike photos

    'crashes'='scratches' ; I bought it in Belgium. They have contact with the Telekom team. I'm going to build it up with record05, bora04, ghibli rear and stuff. I paid EUR2500 for the complete Guerini bike without wheels (record03, deda carbon tt bars and stuff). New it's $8000 for the...
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    My Pinarello tt bike photos

    Finally I was able buy a Pinarello MONTELLO. :D It's the orgininal teambike of Guiseppe Guerini, Team Telekom 2003. :eek: It's 100% monocoque carbon fibre, an extremely aero and beautiful. :p Yes, it has a few little craches but who cares. It's a bike with history! Nice detail; Take a...
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    short legs= poor climbing potential?

    climbing-geek-> long legs, light (so long legs in compr. with body length). I'm 1.81, 90cm inner leg, 58kg in the summer :cool:
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    Professional Bike Fitting lower-right corner; link fit calculator. just fill in your sizes (be accurate!!)
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    photos; My NEW COLNAGO C40 BStay Bike. Record, Bora and more stuff

    -The Deda Alenera is very nice. It's a bit heavy, 420g for a 130mm/460mm. But is looks amazing and feels comfy. -I prefer the Shimano Dura Ace SPDSL, beacuse the pedals are lighter and look 'skinnier'. I have also Shimano cycling shoes, the carbon SHR215. -I bought the Bora's because they look...
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    photos; My NEW COLNAGO C40 BStay Bike. Record, Bora and more stuff

    stem+bar combo; Deda Alanera carbon 130mm/460mm 130mm
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    photos; My NEW COLNAGO C40 BStay Bike. Record, Bora and more stuff

    enjoy; :p ---------- frame; Colnago C40 Bstay 60cm lx10 fork; Colnago Star carbon headset; Chris King wheelset; Campagnolo Bora G3. 18/21, carbon rim+hubs tubulars; Tufo Elite <160gr 20mm 15bar glue; vittoria mastik one b. bracket; Campagnolo Record carbon 70mm crankset; Campagnolo Record...
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    TT bikes' pics ?

    the c45 frame is only $4500, the complete bike about $7500 this pinarello montello frame is about $9000. wheelset=$3000. total about $15000
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    TT bikes' pics ?
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    Your speed at 60% HRmax

    Avarge on 40minutes; 4watt/kg at 60%HRmax 5.4watt/kg at 95%HRMax
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    What size Trek is this?

    Seems like 50cm to me.