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    An amazing invention called The Magic Bike

    Maybe we can get some more info on how this is possible? Or some prototype pictures?
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    Would I be cheating on my real bike?

    I built up a simple little single speed that I use for Commuting. I still used nice parts however. Go for something cheap and simple!
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    The 50 Greatest things about Cycling

    This was in Bicycling magazine about 2002, I remember reading it when I was in High School. Always loved it, hopefully you do too, especially if you've never seen this before. Clicking in. Whether it is the crescendo of snaps that starts a group ride or nothing but you own two...
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    Kestrel Owners Roundup 2006

    Used to ride a talon for about 6 years, recently moved to a Cervelo P3
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    Saddle choice for new bike

    Have the seat match the bar tape!! White with the world champ stripes!!
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    need some advice on gears

    Aaaaaand there we have YAGE...
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    Unusual time trial frame

    The Trek Y Foil frame? Nice bike, not particularly rare though the run was short. It probably would be a nice tri bike, but Ive never seen someone show up to a race on one, though I do know a few people with them. I dont know if they would let you race on one.
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    Cycling with mustard

    Except Im a poor college kid! On a serious note, when Im on a diet and training, I usually dont worry about what condiments have in them. Its usually a negligibe amount
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    Weird stuff seen on your Commute?

    Weirdest thing Ive seen lately was roadkill. It was a raccoon, laying on its back, paws in the air, and another cyclist had been so kind to stop and put a bottle in its paws as if it had been drinking!
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    diet advice on knee ligament injury

    Can I get an AMEN brotha!!!
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    What a girl to do?

    Pretty cool but looks like a green screen to me
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    7-9 K Bikes? WHY???

    A guy just spent the bucks on a brand new ultra expensive bike here in the shop I work in. total cost with all the he decided he wanted it kitted up with was about 9500 USD. To bad he'll never have it over 15 mph
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    Cycling with mustard

    I had two brats for lunch today. definitely stadium brown on them. Diet um what? haha
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    Thats a regular Monday night for me. My friends and I host a monday night ride everyweek, weather be damned. Starts at 10pm. No one is especially drunk, but we have fun!
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    Riding with the guys...

    Hey, just trying to not get dropped right? Concentrating on the uh... wheel ahead of me and trying to keep up!