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    Bikes and phones.

    Doesn't nsurance cover "storm damage" ?
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    ‘The Melb Times’ Yarra bike path article.

    The Melbourne Times (Local free mag circulated to residents) Jan 17th. Pages 8 & 9 – news feature ‘The path to a better bike trail’ . Did I just read Bikesoiler’s comments on the Yarra bike trail & the efforts in improving the path? Not sure if the article is on-line anywhere to post here...
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    Poll stuffing time!

    I use a bike just about every day. I use a car just about once a week. Would I give up 'my' car for a bike? My answer would be 'no'. I mean how am I suppose to lung all my stuff out to Redesdale for the 24 hour or take my nonna up to mum & dads place for the weekend with a bicycle?
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    Price of electricity for an electric bicycle.

    The 2 I've seen in action had the riders pedalling. I suppose this doesn't help you at all eh? (Still regardless of how efficent electricity is, somewhere out there, there is a huge smoke stack working to capacity).
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    FS: Amy's Ride 120kms road option & Msize Top.

    Thanks for the replies everyone, a home has been found for both the Amy’s Ride entry & jersey.
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    FS: Amy's Ride 120kms road option & Msize Top.

    Oops, looks like I entered twice for this weekend’s Amy’s Ride in Geelong, the 120km road ride (don’t ask me how or why, you wouldn’t believe me). Anyway I’m offering it, well sort of selling it really. But I understand it’s pretty close to the event time being this weekend the 6th of January...
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    Re: SCUD The Society for Cutting Up Bicycles, is back...

    so much love out there, & some people are still missing out.
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    Number of commuter cyclists

    I’ve run the ‘little red man’ on the Docklands crossing @ the bottom end of La Trobe st a few times. Being a few more riders sitting there lately has made me feel really uncomfortabel about doing it, in light of the ‘bad cyclist syndrome’ that’s more prevelent nowadays. I’ve always held the...
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    Cycling influencing my running?

    Dunno, I do fun runs every now and again - 10kms distance & notice people with the weirdest running styles, but it seems to work for them over that distance. My running style has changed since I had a left knee reconstruction. Physio got me on a treadmill & said I was pounding about too much...
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    Hood position

    Being kind of new myself to the whole drop-bar caper – coming from 15yrs of flat MTBs – is have still yet to find it overall comfortable. I think I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that roadbike riding isn’t really supposed to be comfortable, just as long as you position is aero-enough...
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    discs vs V brakes

    Disks nowadays are the business, but you're looking at 2nd hand MTBs which can mean anything depending on age, use & current condition. Parts prices for V brakes are cheaper & nothing can help disks with bad action, so I recommend to throw a leg over & see what rocks you. Especally with 2nd...
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    POLL: Is Ed in love with Tam?

    i like Tim Tams.
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    [Melb] Bicycling Australia Show this weekend

    methinx sunday may not be the door-buster saturday will be. Satruday be a good kick off for a big 'BIKE' weekend for many of us though.
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    The "scott"

    oh dear, sounds all much too like road racing attitudes creeping in.
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    Anyone want to be a bicycle postie?

    what I have previously been told by a postie is that you are primarily issued a m'cycle, but you can also bag a bicycle for the rounds which some die hards had. Don't forget that you can carry more & move faster on a motorcycle than cycle so there is a preference for the m'bike. I would like...