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    $50 Walmart bike vs more expensive stuff

    You can save on a lock as well because no thief will even steal one! If You find something that lasts longer than 6 months at WallyWorld the manager of that store gets fired. :p
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    What's the Best Car for Cycling?

    The car I have is just right...I had a Mazda Protege' that needed wheelie bars to carry a bicycle. :D
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    Long time no see!

    I'm getting ready for lots of riding as well as getting my bike ready for the Independence Day parade. My family is riding for Autism awareness. Hope all of you are doing well! Here's a link to what I've been up to.
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    Bicycle fitting

    I agree. I fit into the recreational category myself...:cool:
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    Bicycle fitting

    I think what needs to be known here is how you plan on riding. Are you going to be in the spandex club, or are you more of a recreational rider? That definately will figure in to the whole process. I don't think spending $75 bucks will make a difference if you're just going bike pathing with the...
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    Bicycle fitting

    The best way to judge is by riding, if I rode a bike that 'fit' I'd be on a 23" frame. I find riding a taller bike gives me better leg extension which fits my style. Remember, we don't all fit like a cookie cutter, comfort is key. My maine ride is this 26" frame classic.
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    Any Cyclists who are Recovering Alkies?

    I've been sober since September 05. I found that since I stopped scarfing down 8 beers and a couple Yukon shots a night, I don't hack as much during my riding. The hardest part for me was the first 3 months, after that I realized I can still have FUN without it. Congrats to all of you! Keep it...
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    What do you guys all look like?

    Hubba Hubba! :D Welcome! Do you do alot of riding?
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    Funny cycling pics

    Why is it always the ones you DON'T want to see naked show up.. :(
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    It's nice if you don't mind riding a billboard, (my guess is you don't),,,:p
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    A reminder about Bush & Cheney: the Cowardly Liars

    Disdain, not mistake! Madonna's opinion? What, other than entertaining some people, has her opinion got to do with anything? Hillary is a two faced **** like her BJ loving husband. In my opinion she is worse than Bill due to the mere fact she is not divorced from him. :eek:
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    A reminder about Bush & Cheney: the Cowardly Liars

    As bad as the communists here hate Bush, just think of how lucky we are not to have 'Lurch' in the White House! That idiot stands for everything wrong with the left in America today. Face it, he just blew any chance (which was very slim anyway), for the Dems power grab of the House and Senate...
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    Funny cycling pics

    I bet the owner has no access to the bike either, Yikes! :D
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    Funny cycling pics

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    Anquetil Bicycle Photos

    My brother just gave me his old Viscount from the 70's, he read somewhere that the forks have snapped on these...I'll probably strip it for parts. :cool: