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    Any Christian cyclist out there?

    This is the simple truth as told in mountain bike terms: THE CROSS ROAD: You are starting out for an epic ride. At the top of the last climb you see a fence with a small locked gate. A sign reads "NO TRESSPASSING". Just beyond you see sweet SINGLE TRACK winding into the distance. 'Where does...
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    Wheel durability data-base: enter your data here:

    1.) Xero XR-1 Lite '05| 2.) 3000 miles 3.) Never trued 4.) 180lbs
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    Short term Shimagnolo setup

    I have heard that you can run a shimano 9speed cassette with Campy 10 everywhere else. This will just be a short term setup till I get a 10 speed cassette... will this work?
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    Frame Graphics

    I have the campy decals but would like to get an estimate to have the 2 pro-lite graphics made for the down tube and 2 small decals for the inside of the chain stays and somthing for the head tube, I cand provide vector artwork in adobe illustrator
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    Frame Graphics

    Question? I'm building a full Campy ride (Keeping Shimano Wheelset w/American Classic Cog to share with my Shimano ride) The frame for this project is a VERY nice generic (Pro-Lite) 7046 with carbon rear stays see frame here It came with VeloRazzo frame stickers, ok...
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    Tsunami frames

    FYI -most of the Tsunami frames are the same manufacturer as Fuji
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    Where can I find a....

    All carbon intergrated 1 1/8 fork around 350g+- with a 50mm crown diameter???
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    so sad - beyond words;_ylt=AgCPmhXtkLH2M0rmKzYXSDxmWscF;_ylu=X3oDMTA3dmhrOGVvBHNlYwNzc20-
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    Thoughts/Opinions on Neuvation Wheels?

    Very light for the money... seem to be stiff and have stayed true for 800 miles so far...
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    Thoughts/Opinions on Neuvation Wheels?

    I have the korso's and have a 1000+ miles on them and they are still as true as can be. For the price they can't be beat. I have upgraded to a lighter wheelset (xero lite... 1525g) for my road bike. But often wonder if the korso's are better, they are on my flat bar now which is my commuter.
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    Okay gang....Let's see 'em!!

    Self built from ebay and other online sources - full Ultegra and bontrager mega exo racelite cranks - weight 17.5 +-
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    Here's My New Baby

    blue bikes are faster:D
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    Team Discovery website site is up... check it out it has a nice section on the team bike
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    Do you ride in the cold?

    The coldest ride so far has ben 28* -- but today was the nastiest only 45* but 20-25 mph wind and RAIN!!! 40 miles of smiles:D :D :D lower half was soaking wet shoes socks and tights, top was dry and toasty:) a hot shower never felt so good.
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    touring CA in winter

    should be between 55 to 80 getting warmer as you go south:)