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    Empty bike path !

    very cute pink suit! all the men bought such colors that we women have nothing left)
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    Advantages Of Women Riders

    tell me how best to ride with a group or by yourself?
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    Mrs. z visits the darkside !

    Hey! Hello!I really liked this video
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    After a long layoff

    I'm sorry I think I'm in the wrong place
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    hi, girls, how often do you go a cycling?

    and tell me something else! what are you sitting use?! what is wider or those that are very narrow?
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    For the love of cycling.......

    ahahah here's your luck on these dogs! I have them all the time too
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    Di2 cost

    I don't know your exact model! because the prices are also different! but do not spare the money and set yourself a good expensive one so that in the future you will not have to worry about it!
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    Roadbike electric conversion

    put in at least one kilowatt !and more is better just!
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    well I will say that not everyone follows the rules of Cycling! the hex and curse))
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    dries the brain with frequent use and causes addiction!