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    steve irwin

    It has not been common knowledge, it has been an accusation pushed by Derren Hinch and denied by his partner of 28 years. Just because someone starts a rumour, and someone in the media with a reputation for saying anything to create controversy shouts about it, doesn't make it fact. I don't...
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    steve irwin

    Your timing continues to astound me. No one wants to make a saint out of Irwin or Brock but where do you get off accusing Brock of being a wife beater? I know that he cheated on his partner and caused a lot of heartache but where's your evidence of him being a wife beater?
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    Cycling Knickers

    Absolutely. Don't wear the same pair two days in a row. Make sure you wash them thoroughly after each ride. By the way, in case no one's mentioned it to you yet, they're designed to be worn without underwear.
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    Cycling Knickers

    What you're talking about here are referred to as knicks in Australia and simply as cycling shorts in many other places. Rather than shopping at Rebel, I'd go to a proper bike shop and ask for advice from the assistants. I understand that your budget is tight (I've cycled across Australia 5...
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    steve irwin

    There's a time and place for that kind of thing but immediately after the death of a well loved personality and on a public forum is tacky. As I mentioned, I wasn't a fan, but I think a little respect is in order.
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    I want plain black jerseys

    Maybe they don't make them because they recognise that most cyclists prefer to be seen by other road users when they're out riding.
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    steve irwin

    I wasn't a big fan of Steve but at least he made a contribution to the world. Making a joke of his death is a pretty tacky thing to do.
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    A Petition for Landis.....

    Let's all sign the petition because that's sure to change the officials' minds. When they see how much we love Floyd they'll give him a royal pardon. They'll say, "Gee, lots of people think he's innocent. We'd better rely on what they think. That's a much better idea than relying on scientific...
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    FootPath Riding

    Nope. I think that riding on footpaths is dangerous and foolish.
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    I just realised that I posted in this thread back in January 2003 and a few things have chaged in the past three and a half years so I guess I should post an update. -Name: Rodney Olsen -Location: Perth, Western Australia -Profession: Radio Announcer -Age: 43 -Road Bike: Kojima K900...
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    Longest Ride

    I've done several days of just over 200 km on my rides across Australia.
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    The City of Perth Great Bike Ride

    I wasn't able to make it last year so I'd better put the date in my diary now. Sounds like fun.
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    Jumping the Quae

    I don't think it's as simple as a yes/no answer. I'll go to the head of the queue if I think it's safe to do so but other times it's better to stay behind a queue of cars.
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    IDIOT. now my cassette wont rotate

    You definitely need to find a new LBS and a new mechanic.
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    Shorts or Bibs

    Bibs for sure. They are so much more comfortable. It's nice not to have elastic digging into your waist.