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    Plastic Bicycle Chains?

    Actually there are now automobile engine parts made from advanced plastics. I wouldn't doubt that the technology exists to make a bike chain out of some type of high-tech plastic and I suppose it would have the advantage of being impervious to rust. Even if it is possible, it's probably cost...
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    Lance & his dress code

    Who could ever forget this stylish look?
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    Lance & his dress code

    Or maybe Mario Cipollini! :D
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    Contador - I Will Never Admire Armstrong

    Contador saying that he never has and never will admire Armstrong strikes me as "the pot" saying that it never has and never will admire "the kettle" because it's too black. That's just my opinion.
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    Astarloza postive for EPO

    Very disappointing...
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    Jan Ullrich

    Excellent summary of Ully's career. In 1996/1997 I (for one) thought that JU might go down as the greatest cyclist of all time. So much natural ability!
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    The Greatest

    Eddy is, without question (at least in my opinion) the greatest professional cyclist ever. The argument for Coppi is speculative.
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    Very few doping positives during the Armstrong years. How come?

    Tee hee! Replace smart with naive and it would be more accurate.
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    Can Armstrong stay with the attack ?

    I don't think his performance in the Giro is any indication of his current form. Right now I'd say that there's no reason to believe that he can't stay with the attack.
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    Thoughts on Proposed Radio Ban?

    I don't think that the rule was going to be officially changed during the TdF. From what I understand, the rule change is under consideration and they were proposing sort of a "trial run" during a couple of stages of the TdF to see what kind of impact it would have on the race.
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    Thoughts on Proposed Radio Ban?

    All good points. I would have to agree.
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    Somehow, I can't get excited about it this year

    The field is "interesting" to say the least and regardless of what you think about Astana, you have to admit there's some intriguing drama going on there. But the course is ridiculously lame. No good opportunities for someone like Schleck or Sastre to launch any type of meaningful attack. The...
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    Get ready to shout the three greatest words in cycling!!!

    All Astana podium! ;) or maybe... Let Levi ride!
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    Thoughts on Proposed Radio Ban?

    Wow! The look of the forum has changed a lot since I last visited. I like it! And I don't see any junk posts. I dropped in to see what you guys were talking about with respect to this year's TdF and I haven't posted in a long time. They've been talking a lot, on the Versus coverage of the TdF...
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    R3 inner chain stay wear

    The lack of tire clearance on modern road racing frames is getting ridiculous!