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    This Forum Has Gotten Irritating Thanks To Apathetic Mods And Jswin

    I like the folks on this forum and use to enjoy going online to read about things. But that is no longer true. I cannot beleive that the moderators have allowed one individual to systematically start ressurecting every old thread he can find. IMO it is ridiculus that this is allowed to...
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    Smoothie Recipes For Cyclists

    Something real simple Frozen bannana milk Protein powder (Chocolate for me) Chia seeds (Have them soak in the milk for 30 minutes or more. I have them soak before I go on a ride) A scoop of caramel or whatever ice cream you like Some oatmeal (as much as you want) Vanilla or plain yogurt Takes...
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    The Cycling Snobbery Is Really Turning Me Off About This Hobby.

    Would it have made any difference if she was walking and did not say helo or nod? What the heck does this have to do with cyclists at all? BEcause she happened to be on a bike? Here is a tid bit of info or ya: some folks just like to keep to themselves. Did you think that possibly she had...
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    Bike Computers Vs. Smartphone Vs. Smart Watch

    Bike computer. I don't want the batterry dying on my phone when I have to call 911 after I get run over by an 18 wheeler during a 5 hour long ride. I also don't want to mount my phone on my bike. Works fine in the back pocket but can't see what you are doing.
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    An article claims that people are annoyed at cyclists for being arrogant, their attire and equipment

    So, they OP started an article in 2013 about an article written in 2012 and the last post was in 2013 and now it is resurrected in 2015.... B)
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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    Aw...yes. And again..I am glad that you realize that you are not. Some folks do have there head screwed on right. And what law is going to prevent a situation of road rage? With a gun or without? Another law would not have prevented you from acting stupidly and shooting ut a mirror. In...
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    Where in the US is the majority of the people cyclists? B) BTW: NY is not part of New England. Boston MA and NY NY are usually in the top 20 bike friendly cities for the US. I have homes in NH, MT, and TX and by far TX is the worst in my experience for cyclists vs motorists. I frequently...
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    Anyone use Gatorade G2?

    I have never been a big fan of Gatorade since my x-country days in HS in the 80's. Now I use Accelerade when I cycle or run. Just works for me....that and pickle juice ;)
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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    Typo My state of mind was to have enough SA to keep me out of trouble and have enough common sense to not use it when not needed and use it if needed.
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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    If tha is your frame of mind then I am glad you are not carrying a gun. I have carried concealed in the military and a civilian for almost 30 years now. I have yet felt that I was "all too willing ot use it". My state of mind was to have enough SA to keep me out of trouble and have enough...
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    Are Sidi Bike Shoes Really Worth It.?

    I have a pair of Sidi Genius 5 Pro Carbon and love them They fit me good which is the important thing. Funny thing is I went to my LBS to try on a pair of Louis Garneau and they did not have my size. The owner had only pair of cycling shoes in stock (that were any good) that would fit me and...
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    Stationary Bikes

    I have a TV in front our stationary bike and play You Tube music videos. Sometiimes I will put on a Star Trek episode. But I rarely use the bike since I cycle once or twice a day. Just when there is a few days of bad weather.
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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    I can't be with my wife 24/7. My wife carries a P228. You think it is unneccesary, then you have a choice to not carry. Others like to take control of their own lives. If my wife was being assaulted I would want her to be armed with something more than pepper spray. And let me be proactive...
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    Hydration During Cycling

    I need to drink more myself. I seldom touch a bottle the first hour. I just did 40 miles (2 hours) 85 deg and went through one water bottle. Sometimes I get caught up in how good my avg speed is a don't want to slow down to get a drink.
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    Best Way To Secure Bike (in Apartment)

    Change your saddle when you leave with another one filled with tacks. ;) Makes for a hard getaway