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    a simple intelligence test

    lol great =)
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    Any experience with Kenda Koncept Tires?

    there are 2 versions of the koncept the kevlar and the normal one and well both are great i absolutely recomend them have been using them for almost a year.. they last a lot.. its not advertising or anything but i absolutely recomend any kenda product..
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    Rear Cassettes What Sizes are best?

    i always use the large chainring with either of the TWO largest rear gears and i have no problems... and i use shimano... if it makes noise some adjustment and you are ready to go
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    new bike choice?

    weight is more important than u think it is ;) at least for hills
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    Cycle Pump

    the sigma lambda jet digital is great and its also portable! has digital pressure measurement and all and it beeps when u get to the desired air pressure
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    Ultegra Long-Cage with 34T

    well... on my mtb i have a tiagra rear derailleur and it works fine with a 32t cassette
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    Hill climbing gear ratios

    well he has a triple rear deraileur(i think) so he doesnt needs anything else other than the 32-12 cassette. With a normal short cage derailleur you can prolly use up to 28-12 but if you have the long cage one you can prolly go for 32-12
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    Raimondas Rumsas fails drug test

    haha well but still 95% of cyclists use performance enhancement products... "Legal doping" just check the nutrition forum... ;)
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    Hill climbing gear ratios

    well you can prolly try using a mountain bike cassete 32-12
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    Raimondas Rumsas fails drug test

    this is sad...but anyone who hates rumsas hates 95% of cyclists....
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    Gearing for hills

    well 39 front ring, 25 rear cog with that u will be able to climb virtually any hill
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    do you pee off your bike?

    omfg this is the most hillarious post i've ever seen LOL
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    Greatest recent tour stage

    well i liked last year first mountain stage with heras,beloki,armstrong it was really exciting to watch
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    well i think its not possible to say right now that lance will win... many things can happen crashes,punctures,bad luck everything... we'll have to wait until the end of the tour to see who wins... and lance may win or may not we'll see
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    Ref Cannondale R900

    well it depends how much u are paying for it