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    Why Did You Purchase The Bike You Currently Have?

    I just recently purchased a 2015 Specialized Sirrus. My main reason was for fitness. Although I like to ride fast, I know this bike is limiting. I can currently keep around a 19MPH average on a 20 mile ride which isn't bad. But, after competing in my first triathlon a week ago and another one...
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    Triathlon Next Week - Would You Replace Toe Straps With Clipless?

    We are running side-by-side, starting and finishing together. I would beat her handily if we each ran our own race, but that's not my goal for my first tri - the experience with my daughter is. After all the years panicking about clipless, I chuckle at myself for that.
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    Triathlon Next Week - Would You Replace Toe Straps With Clipless?

    I really love the Sirrus. I purchased the bike for fitness, not for racing. I'm just one to push myself as hard as this 55 year old body can take it. I know my average MPH on my bike is really good. I took a 10 mile ride last week and averaged 19.6. I decided to switch out the pedals today...
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    How Do You Listen To Your Music When Cycling?

    I am personally a believer in that any headphones on a bike is just outright dangerous. I also feel that way about having a rear view mirror. I feel it's very important to hear my surroundings as well as see everything, just like in a car. With that, I have a speaker I attach to my arm which...
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    Be Honest, Were You Always Good At Cycling?

    I was always good cycling. I acclimated to a bike easy, and in high school I would take rides with a friend in excess of 100 miles (not frequently as normal rides were around 30 miles). I have picked up where I left off after a long hiatus.
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    Triathlon Next Week - Would You Replace Toe Straps With Clipless?

    To preface, I will be competing in the triathlon side-by-side with my daughter, starting and finishing with her. With that said, because of our average speeds the bike portion (13 miles - sprint tri) should be very easy for me as I average 18+ mph on my Specialized Sirrus while she can probably...
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    Sprinter Vs Climber

    Based on my training rides for my upcoming sprint tri I'd say I'm both. Today's ride was 10.6 at a 19.6 mph average. As I stated in my previous post, for my age (55) and equipment (Specialized Sirrus) I think that's a decent run. As I ride more I am getting adept at the timing of downshifting...
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    First Time Riding Clipless- Impressions

    I just got back into cycling. My main goal was fitness, so I ended up getting a Specialized Sirrus with toe clips, because I've never used clipless before. I'm in a sprint triathlon in 5 weeks which is why I needed a new bike (my old one was a 1980's hybrid). But, since I'm not planning a career...
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    What Is The Average Cycling Speed For A Normal Person?

    There's no such thing as an average for a "normal" person, at least in my opinion. As many have alluded to, there are just too many variables to come to a number. You may look at elite races with comparable equipment, and you'll get an idea of what an average speed is. But for those of us who...
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    Bike For Fitness Or Speed - I Have An Identity Crisis

    A few months ago I purchased a Specialized Sirrus to replace an aging hybrid. It's a really nice bike for it's lower price point (at least so far it is *knocks wood*). My general thought was getting a bike for fitness. I don't commute with a bike, so even though I ended up with one it was guided...
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    Training For First Sprint Triathlon In August - Looking For Advice

    Just started swimming (joined the Y). Did laps Wed and this morning (1/2 mile Wed and .83 miles this morning). Yesterday did a bike/run transition - 11.4 miles bike right to a 3.25 mile run. Paced 9:25 on the run trying to take it easy, and 18.1mph on the bike. The more I ride the bike the more...
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    Where Did You Ride Your Road Bike Today?

    Actually just got back from a 15 mile night ride after putting the grand kids to bed (babysitting - don't worry, wife at home so I didn't leave them alone :) ). Just left the house, went down past Lake Massapoag in Sharon, MA, then through Mansfield and back home. Some nice views of the moon...
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    Mishaps On The Road

    This is an easy one for me, and stupid reaction by my. I was bombing down a hill back in high school days (damn, 37 or so year ago) and took a right. There were kids playing football throwing it across the street in front of me. For whatever reason, just as I took the turn I saw the kid with...
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    What Is Considered To Be A Rude Cyclist?

    As a cyclist myself, but also someone who drives a car and encounters cyclists regularly, I have my own personal opinion on cyclists I consider to be rude? I have yet to ever ride in a group. I ride by myself. That being said, when I see/hear a car approaching, I get as far over to the right as...
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    Frame Flex

    Tires say 75-100. I generally put in 85 to allow for heat.