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    Where is Scott bike made from???

    Hi. Your right!! I guess the best of my knowlege isn't the "best".:) I still stand by the "try as many different bike's as you can". As well as Shimano and Campy parts. Mike
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    Where is Scott bike made from???

    Hi, Most road bike have a "race geometry". Unless your buying a touring bike to the best of my knowlage. From what I can see most of the bikes I have seen are "race" bikes. I myself have a Cervelo and have gone out on it for hours on it. Once again if the bike is right for you you'll know...
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    Where is Scott bike made from???

    Ever consider Cervelo?
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    Where is Scott bike made from???

    Hi, When bought my bike the shop allowed me to take the bike(s). I tried 3 different brands all around 2-3 grand. I was gone up to 40 minutes. The bike I ended up buying I rode for about 10 minutes, altough I new five minutes into the ride that it was the bike I was going to buy. If...
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    cycling support: New Rider Purchasing used bike

    Hi, I have a friend who lives between Grimbsby and Stoney Creek which is. There are not many places to stay as far as camping goes. But you could get away with a bivy or a Hennessy Hammock if you find a hiding place.No fire though. If you get caught you get kicked. I have done this trip...
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    cycling support: New Rider Purchasing used bike

    Hi, I used a hybrid bike for touring. One option that is the most cost effective is changing your tires to somthing with a little less tread. And a little thinner. There are other options but I would rather save my money and put it towards a new or used bike. You could always deck the bike...
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    Big Guy Seeks Info on Bikes/Rims

    Hi, I have had weight issues in the past as well. To be honest its somthing you usually have to fight your whole life with. Im down to about 220 at 6'3. I would suggest you go see a doctor before you start out cycling. You might hurt yourself. I started walking on a tread mills...
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    Argon 18 Plutonium - any thoughts

    Hi, I just saw this post. You responded to one I had made last year. It now makes sense. Here is a link to a US retailer of Argon Bikes. Hope this is helpfull. As I recall from my research 105 groupo is fairly standard. Mike Argon is a Canadian Company
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    New road bike!!

    Hi, Thanks for replying. I ended up getting the Cervelo Soloist Centaur. I have already gone through a set of tires. ( due to wear, and to to lack of rotation.) Please take a look at my photo Album of the bike with the upgrades. I have enjoyed ridding it. I try to get out 3-4 times a week...
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    Critique this Road Bike

    ey guys, I'm a newb when it comes to bike quality, and while I have a mountain bike, I've been thinking of purchasing a road bike. I'm in university and can't afford much, but today I came across this bike at Canadian Tire. It's one of the few road bikes they carry, but aesthetically it's...
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    Numb Finger's

    HI, Most of my finger go numb to a certain degree. Thanks for your opinions, I have found them helpfull. I will be taking the bike for a tune in the next week or so. At that time I will have a few things checked. I think the seat could go either forward or back about an inch as well as...
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    Numb Finger's

    Hi Everyone, I have been having a Possible fit issue with my Road Bike. After about 30 minutes to an hour of riding my fingers go a little numb. Any ideas? I have asked around at a few bike shops and have had a variety of answers. I would like to hear a few opinions from this forum before I...
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    Help me buy a new bike :)

    Hi, There is the option of a touring bike. A friend of mine road across Canada on one to raise money for cancer. He found the bike to be very comfortable. He had a Cannondale. I will give you a few links to a few sites. Trek, Cannondale, Rocky Mountain. A reputable LBS should have no...
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    Did something stupid with my derailleur

    Hi, Things should work out for you. Everthing you did should be reverseable. I would recommend purchasing a book I find very helpfull as a reference guide. It is called Zinn And The Art Of Road Bike Maintenance. Great book. Takes you through all makes of road gear and the tools needed to do...
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    good set of specs?

    Hi, Have you considered buying a pair of Smith sun glasses. I have bought my second pair. The other pair are still fine but I fugured after ten years time for a new pair. I wear them skiing, Road ridding, And Mountain Biking. I purchased the one I have from this store. Great store. Owned by...