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    problem installing SRM FSA

    I take that you have the FSA SRM - with intergrated spindle and a MegaExo BB unit, right? If so, you should have a sleeve that goes into the MegaExo BB - so there is no way anything should interfere... Maybe the plastic cover of the BB got loose?
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    Forum is dead

    To report SPAM?
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    Power data from TT or road nationals?

    No offense, but why would you like to know? Previously you said: "I'm not too concerned with aerodynamics at this point since I believe power is more important"
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    Quarq - ridiculous price!!

    As it uses the ANT+ protocol, one can use Garmin 605/705 as a display - there you go - you just "saved" 500 US ;) Comparison tests please! There must be some beta testers out there... somewhere. Maybe after the Interbike some will speak up. Hopefully!
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    Quarq - ridiculous price!!

    I wonder how the competition will react - as stated on the Garmin website - the new line of the Edge products - 605 and 705 are supposed to work with the SRM wireless model - the one using the same protocol as the Quarq powermeter... Let's just see the price tag on that SRM and then we can...
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    Advice: Ergomo vs SRM

    I don't get it - the only "problem" when installing Ergomo is to find out if and how many spacers you need to apply for a correct installation - in short - achieving 9 o'clock positing of the cables in relation to the ground ... That takes approx. 4 minutes... For ISIS that might take 5 minutes...
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    Power Meters and Pedaling Effectiveness

    No need to spend all that money - go check this site: get the book (a LOT less than a new or used PM :p) and that should help you out! The second thing you are going to ask is: do I really need WKO+ :p So - decide for...
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    Get well

    Great to hear from you Alex! Good luck with the rehab - just be patient with things.
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    So what's the deal with the Polar CS600?

    Strange - Ergomo needs as much "work" when installing as any other unit - well - maybe short of facing the BB shell in comparison to other similar products. Physical modification? Of what kind? Restricts the type of cranks? How come? You have ISO, ISIS and spline - what you can not...
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    Get well

    Get well soon!
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    New Bike/New Ergomo + Old bike/Old Ergomo = Inconsistent Data

    I assume that you set the Bike1 and Bike2 thingy- correct? Because each BB has it's own Calibration Number (printed on the BB) you need to input it in the computer unit under "Settings" / "Bike" - K-factor. The manual also suggests that you do the offset procedure each time when...
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    Dura-Ace SRM Question - Crank Length Change?