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    2008 Tour de France Stage 16 - Tuesday, July 22: Cuneo - Jausiers, 157 km

    It seemed to me that Frank just didn't have it today. It looked like Sastre, I think, went to attack and was told to can it by Frank. Either that or Sastre is to stupid to remember team orders, even with Riis yelling them in his ear. I thought Cadel did an excellent job driving most of the...
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    Knocky/Creaky Wheel

    For instructions on how to adjust mavic ksyrium wheel bearings try the following. website: Login: mavic-com Password: dealer
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    how to ride the Melbourne to Warrnambool

    Thanks for writing that Bleve. I have emailed that to a mate. He should find it very useful. Lots of good practical tips. Cheers
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    Crit racing

    Try this one. Not sure if its comprehensive but its a good start. Cheers
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    Landis dope theory from reliable source

    The testosterone tested was found to be synthetic so it was not produced naturally by Mr Landis. Someone could have put a testosterone patch or something on him without him knowing but gee I think I would notice a patch on my scrot. :D
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    Riding after cramps

    Sorry didn't mean to imply you were unfit. I cramp all the time and I think I am fit. Just that during a race I will ask a lot more of myself than I ever do in training. Seems like I should give these electrolytes a go. Cheers
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    Riding after cramps

    Most nuts contain a lot of potassium and magnesium. Also they are very nice with salt. Not too sure if it will stop cramps in the legs though. I think that the accepted wisdom is that unfortunately cramp occurs because of lack of fitness.
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    No FBT exemption in the budget...

    Maybe we could get bicycling set up as an official religion. Call it the church of bicyclology or something. It would be easy to get enough members. Once we get that tax free status we could put up bicycle churches all over the country with plenty of parking space for our object of veneration...
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    Forcing breakaways

    Yeah it certainly seems to be a sprinters paradise in Australia, particularly in the lower grades. If you are stronger than the other riders then just go for the break by yourself. If you stay away for a long time or even win the race people will notice. Then next time, if you haven't been put...
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    [melb] Casey Fields thoughts

    Warragul I think has a cycling club maybe they will use it as its only 60km from Berwick. Should be a boon for cycling clubs in that area. Criterium courses are hard to find in the country. I know Geelong Cycling Club have been looking for a criterium course for quite a while without success...
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    Handlebar tape?

    Try here.
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    RR Balliang

    So which club put on this road race and where do I find their calendar? Sounds like a really good circuit.
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    Steel Frame needs repair

    Thanks for the replys. Theres a good selection there to choose from. Cheers
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    Steel Frame needs repair

    Does anyone know a good bike workshop located in Melbourne who can repair steel frames. Looking for one that can do the lot ie welding and painting. Though I'm no expert I think the frame has no lugs. The tubing is Columbus Zona and the welding would be near the carbon fibre seat stays. Also...
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    Training Rides in/Around Geelong

    I don't do track racing but the details of the summer series can be seen here. The circuit is a flat rectangle. cheers