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    Olympic R/R Title : what value is it ?

    In Olympic coverage over here, there are a ton of sports that have only a small following, and the commentary is almost always bad. It's not a lack of knowledge about cycling, but that the various networks will only hire so many people to cover all the sports. This means events like the...
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    What would it take to convince you Armstrong is clean?

    I'm not labeling France as anti-Jewish. I'm rather labeling France as the most anti-semitic country in Europe. In terms of the number of violent attacks, attacks per capita, etc., France fits that description. As far as the history of French tolerance, that's all well and good, but it...
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    What would it take to convince you Armstrong is clean?

    If they attacked Jews on a consistent basis by firebombing synagogues, stoning Jewish school buses, abusing Jewish people in the streets to the point where they didn't feel safe to wear the vestiges of the religion, then I would absolutely, postitively say that that the US had a problem...
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    What would it take to convince you Armstrong is clean?

    That may be, but only one group is being attacked at a proportion greater than their representation in society (more than 50x that representation, actually), while every other group is underrepresented. You can believe all you want that all three groups are being attacked and justify treating...
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    Greg LeMond Sour Grapes??

    But that clearly isn't as fun as making blind accusations that lack any real proof and using circumstantial evidence and slothful induction. And aren't we all about fun here? ;)
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    Another poll: best TdF climber

    I can't go back to video to prove it, but I seem to remember Pantani really swinging the bike back and forth a lot more than Armstrong, and really dancing on the pedals when he climbed. Armstrong seems a bit more straight ahead in my mind. Not sure how accurate that is, but that's how I...
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    Vuelta Petition for OLN

    Probably they could just use the Spanish feed and commentate over the top of it. I would say that's acceptable at this point.
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    Should Landis move to another team?

    I don't think he's a rider who can dominate in both mountains and time trials like Armstrong, so no. He's an excellent rider, and his performances in the mountains in the TDF were inspired, but I don't recall him being that strong in the mountains before. Also, while he is a good ITT rider, I...
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    Did Ullrich wait for Lance on Luz Ardiden?

    I agree--there should have been one where Hamilton and Ullrich sat up together, as this is kind of how I saw it, even though Hamilton was more vocal at that moment. But I flipped a coin anyway--I do love to vote in those polls. :D
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    Where does Lance rank among the greats?

    I wish I could have--with that and a bit of grit, I could have gone to Hollywood and been a star writer! :-D
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    What would it take to convince you Armstrong is clean?

    I think we've reached a place where you and logic are not mixing. But that doesn't mean that some points don't need to be addressed. 1) Media outlets do indeed tailor what news they carry. But you weren't aware of what news was being carried, obviously, as the stories being carried were EU...
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    What would it take to convince you Armstrong is clean?

    Could you please reconcile this with your previous statement: "With respect - you have read about what is going on in France in a Jewish paper. Indeed I would respectfully submit that this is part of the problem. Disinformation which then results in generalised comments and stereotype...
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    What would it take to convince you Armstrong is clean?

    I would say "no offense," but I wouldn't mean it, Lim--suggesting a Jewish conspiracy to paint France as anti-semitic is pretty low. Claiming that Jewish presses are automatically sources of disinformation is even worse. What's next? The Kosher tax? Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Come...
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    3 Stages of 05 TdF Announced

    It always seems like they do set them up that way, though. When you hold those things in the flatlands of Northern France or Belgium, I don't think you can really help it with all the roundabouts there. I think the best we can hope for is that we don't get rain (as usual).
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    Millar Speaks on Doping - Armstrong

    Ah, I think you're right. He did seem to backtrack, didn't he? As far as his statement about Armstrong, I think he's right to the extent that you can't explain Armstrong's dominance by drugs. His point seemed to be the edge they provide isn't nearly enough to explain him, which I agree with...