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    Please help

    im sure he meant: hi there, looks like spam, GO AWAY!
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    tire balls

    umm why? im sure tubeless would be lighter and self sealing so...
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    2000 Marin East Peak BB pains

    whats the part code on the crank (FC-M??? or TX etc...) or what model is it (altus, alivio, etc) and what year? and do you have an e-type front derailleur or not? ( BB spindle lengths vary on different models of crank and they have...
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    Help with disc brakes

    theres air in it or could be the lever pistons seal. when you pull them do they seem very powerfull at all?
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    Filling the BB CAVITY.

    ok firstly you wont plug the holes to stop water getting in in the 1st place, there are usually heaps of small holes for ventilation when the frame is welded togeather, theres the seat tube, water gets down there and i suppose you could stop it with silicone but thats gonna add weight and youll...
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    Slime problem

    i dunno if anyone has already said this cause i dont have time to read everything but how about give up with slime because its **** and use notubes, get a rimstrip and fluid and it'll be lighter and its **** easy to use
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    How long had your frame lasted before it broke?

    wait.. you mean "i dont know how to pedal propperly so i use a big gear and i want knee replacements" what brand were the broken frames?
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    Noob question, Centering a wheel

    ahh, loosen the wheel, wiggle it in the frame a bit and push down on the frame then do up the QR, if its not centered the wheel needs re-dishing or the frames bent or if its just not centered with the brake pads the spring on one side needs adjusting.
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    Tubes v. Tubeless

    yeah actually with my wheels i can inflate them with a pump, i did it with a track pump ages ago and thought hey what was easy then i saw this and tryed it with a little blackburn mtn air pump and its not hard, though i have notubes rims and fluid (with non UST tyres) and the tyre has to be...
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    What brand do you most like the bicycle?

    ok.. i like giant too, what is this going to proove, i have a GT but dont like the brand, the distributors here or most of their bikes. i dont like Kona, im not even going to bother going into why because it will just turn into an argument but look how many people ride them.
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    raising handlebars on TrekFX 7300

    you could change the stem, get bigger rise handlebars, get a steerer tube extension (guy at your LBS should know what that is, also im assuming it has a 1 1/8" ahead type steerer) though the extensions arent really meant for any rough use, not the ones ive seen and installed anyway.
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    SingleSpeed Hubs

    too late :) i just used the original one off my GT SS but might get a hadley later on
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    Shimano Parts.

    lol well i like SRAM, after using X.0 you'd never use shimano agian, well maybe but i wouldnt :p . i also use Campag on my road bike and have a singlespeed which has no shimano either. nothing wrong with shimano though, it works and its not like its going to fall apart on you just because its...
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    Tubes v. Tubeless

    i'd look at the notubes rims, i just got the heavy version of the ZTR olympic rims for my SS and theyre damn light, tubeless without a rim strip (lighter again than using tubeless and the rimstrip on other rims), pretty easy to seal, its harder to pull the bead off the edge of the rim witha...
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    Shimano Parts.

    XTR Derore XT Deore LX Deore Alivio Acera Altus SIS -XTR being the best (in shitmanos range anyway...)