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    Help! I've last all my motivation to get on my bike.

    If you've got an MTB, try doing some offroad riding, or at least some rougher dirt roads that you'd normaly avoid on your road bike. I find that sometimes it's not just the bike I'm getting bored with: it's the same old roads I ride day after day.
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    HILLS Yay or Nay

    Where I live, flats lasting more than a hundred yards or so are very rare; it's all rolling hills and some grueling climbs, so I guess if I hated hills I wouldn't be riding at all. Hills hurt, but I consider them a challenge - it's where the real physical conditioning happens. I live on top of...
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    Give me the truth!I can take it!

    The terrain you're riding over is a large factor in determining what those numbers mean. Myself, a non-racing (as of yet, anyway) 51 year old guy, having been a rider for some twenty years but now on my first real road bike, can average 18 to 19 mph, riding solo, over 30 to 40 mile routes. But...
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    hill riding position

    I agree: I've been riding a long time but only had my road bike a few months, and recently discovered that I climb best with my hands on the flats of the bar and maintaining an upright posture. Others with different body geometry might have different results. I've got short legs but strong...
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    Improving my Average MPH

    I'm in a somewhat similar situation to yours - been riding for over twenty years; did a bit of MTB racing quite a few years ago, but this is the first year that I've had a real road bike and been taking my road riding really seriously. While I certainly can't pretend to the expertise and...
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    Newbie question: Team Strategy

    Thanks for the excellent reply. That's exactly the sort of information I was looking for. Some of the stuff you mention is stuff I wouldn't have thought of myself, like the part about not dragging a strong rider from another team with you into a breakaway. Given this, it would certainly be...
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    Newbie question: Team Strategy

    No, he didn't seem totally happy, but then, having just cranked your heart out, and not gotten to the podium - yeah, I can see that. To extend my question to a few more specifics: when a rider is competing largely in a support role - a "team player" as George was in Greenville, exactly how is...
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    Newbie question: Team Strategy

    I'm a newbie to following professional cycling; enjoying the hell out of it, but I've got a question. At the end of the Versus coverage of the Greenville race, which Levi Leipheimer won, they interviewed George Hincapie, who said something to the effect of "I had the legs to win today, but...
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    Small Victories.

    Wow! - do I feel great! No, I didn't win a race. I've never done a road race, really, though I did a bit of MTB racing some 15 years ago. For the last 15 years my road machine has been a 35 pound Bianchi hybrid, on which I've logged many hundreds of happy miles through rural New England hill...
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    Cervelo or Trek

    I don't know what size frame you ride, but for what it's worth, in my very humble opinion, you'll be wanting to take a close look at the geometry for each bike. In the smaller frame sizes, the Treks will tend toward a steep seat-tube angle, getting shallower as the frames get bigger, whereas...
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    Double or Triple Chain Ring

    I find that I only use that little third ring in the spring, when I'm whipping my legs back into shape after the winter's layoff and conscious of hurting my knees with too much big-gear stomping. After the first few weeks, my chain never touches that little ring again. My newest road bike is...
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    Cycling hates

    Not dangerous; always done with innocent intent, but really annoying: I'm hammering up a long grade, down in the drops; got the breathing rythm going and the cadence dialed in, and a car pulls alongside, the window rolls down, and they ask me for directions. I guess I'm too much of a nice guy...