I live in Johannesburg, South Africa, I race BMX, Downhill and Enduro competitively. I started riding BMX In July 2015 and I started mountainbiking in April 2016. I ride a Chase Edge 2015 with skinny wheels (I just prefer them) for my BMX. For my Downhill and Enduro I ride a Giant Stance 2015 (yes I know it's entry level) but it's upgraded like crazy, I guess you could say my bike isn't 'my' bike until I've spent a few on parts and customization. I'm 15 so I still ride in the Junior category. I am a student and can't get a job until next year, although I ride up to the local bike shop and help out there when I have nothing else to do.
Feb 11, 2001 (Age: 21)
Johannesburg, South Africa
About Me:
15 years old, started racing bmx July 2015 and started mountainbiking April 2016
Giant Stance - hecticly upgraded to a beast
Group Set
1x9 shimano Zee/Alivio combination
Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.)
Downhill, Enduro, boxing, mma, snowboarding, racing bmx, sailing, surfing
What I do for a living
Nothing yet
Favorite Race
Dustin Rudman Invitational


If your boyfriend does not ride downhill... Well then you have a girlfriend.


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