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    hayes 9?

    decided to go second hand! found a pair of shimano deore dh hydros, complete set for only $200 aus. Thats me happy
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    hayes 9?

    Looking for single hayes hfx 9 xc w/6 inch rotor (complete kit, hoses etc.) ,standard, not carbon. Considering second hand as alternative as well (perth, australia only) Prices would be great thanks. Already had experience with hayes 9. Decent brakes. Too bad theyre damn expensive...
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    that wasn't very nice now was it

    let me tell you buddy i dont intend to pay this guy anything. You weren't there, and i appreciate that you have gone to the effort of looking up these rules. But maybe some have not come into effect, or just maybe he wasn't showing a common curtusy either. I know i was in the wrong riding on...
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    Scotland hailed as best international mountain bike destination

    scotland.......yawn sounds kinda far to travel anyway. ill stick to australia thanks
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    that wasn't very nice now was it

    sorry, didnt have time to give you the whole story. It was a small undivided path, and no it was not a cycling path it was a footpath with a road that could be cycled on right next to it. I live in australia, perth (w.a) and i cannot give you the other side of the story. But basically a group...
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    that wasn't very nice now was it

    hey fellow riders. Thought now might be a good time to have a *****........ apparantly im going to court because a bllody road rider barrelled into me on the FOOTPATH. He was going a good 50 kms an hour on a footpath. And then this ***** starts abusing me and tries to fight me when he's 40...
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    Snow Chains

    its funny cause he hasnt replied. Ayway so thats what a cross continental ***** fight is like
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    What are the best anti-theft tricks around?

    I have a few bikes.......keep two of them inside secured by the frame and both wheels to a solid steel frame which is secured on bricks by two heavy duty locks that have codes. The other one i keep locked to a boat frame inside a locked garage. So im not too worried bout thiefs. But if you're...
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    Bedding in Discs/Pads

    You bet they do. With all pads you need to get them bedded in nicely, either by doing ALOT of downhill runs (but then again this may be a bad thing) or do what i do and put both brakes on, hit a low gear and ride around the street for a few hours. That way they shouldn't take to long to bed...
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    Full suspension or hardtail for races?

    i'd love to go full but the buck overrules. Just means that a decent full suspension is a bit more forgiving on those tracks after several hours in the seat. My kona is light as but really jerks me around when it gets rough, so u have to concentrate on picking the best line, which isn't easy...
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    Rear derailleur/Sram XO vs. XTR

    x0=carbon no idea bout x9.
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    What kind of fork do you have

    05 fox vanilla r 100 marzocchi dirt jam comp 06 120 It's all good
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    where do you ride

    What's your favourite place to ride, and for what reasons? For me its majura pines ACT (australia because of the flowy switchbacks coupled with technical descents, hard climbs and even a few dh fireroad trails. It's just beautiful. So yeah tell me where you like to ride in the whole world
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    stress relief

    lol not for me yet. bit too young. anyway back at canberra i used to have singletrack, fireroads, bit of jumping, xc, downhill, all 500 mtrs away and all to myself. Know the feeling, and i always hated rain.
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    stress relief

    wondering does anyboy feel more stressed when they havnt ridden for a while? anyway i get that cause mtbs my way of relief. Usually i ride evreryday(lucky me) but as things go i haven't ridden for 5 weeks and i've got at least another 7 weeks to go before i can swing my leg over my beautiful...