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    Training For Last Man Out And Points Races

    well from my experience the absolute most important part of your training is to get a good strong base. all of ur riding from october to february should be long base miles. as far as specific training for the points races, it really depends on what kind of points racer you are. I am more of a...
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    How many day do you train?

    if u want to be really good you have to train everyday, and do double workouts 2-3 times a week
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    Cycling hates

    what do you do about ppl like me.........redneck cyclists????????????? idk if its been said but i hate the headwind that comes along with oncoming cars, especially when theyres aboot 80 of those dump trucks pacelining at 100 mph and the wind forces you above zone 5. glad i got that outta my...
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    Any Pro's out there?

    umm does it count if we race/win with pros but arent allowed to go "pro" because of age restraints???????cat 1 is close enuff right????
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    Don't hold your breath.

    if it would increase EPO secretion wouldnt just that part of it be of benefit, bcuz didnt EPO used to be a big thing in performance enhancing drugs? just a theory, maybe it will help psychologically if nothing else.
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    Are there any Atheist cyclists out there?

    you know guys, for being supporters of jesus you guys really take his teachings seriously, that whole love ur enemy, make peace not war stuff. im seeing more love coming from the athieists than most of the believers. sorry to those believers who arent trying to start another fight over jesus...
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    Tips for Racing a Points Race

    alright, im a junior rider but i race cat 3 at my local drome, and as a pursuiter i tend to have a pretty good plan going into every points race, although they usually end up different. most importantly be prepared to adapt, if u need to do something outside of ur plan that will get u a few...
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    felt tk2

    alright, this is a pretty technical question for any strapping young(or old) trackies out there. The felt tk2 frame is made from aluminum, right. did they reinforce the dropouts in any way to stop them from being ripped to shredds by the rear wheel, as did other track companies like fuji? any...
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    How not to lose fitness in the off season

    i think we need ricstern on this issue- but heres my tencents-riding outside 7 days a week WILL make you a better technical rider, even if the improvements are marginal, that can mean the difference of 1st or 5th in races that are decided by less than 1/100th of a second. riding often also make...
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    resting heart rate

    hey guys, i wore my hrm to sleep last night-33 bpm, which kinda scared me at first-idk, just fun stuff that im dying to tell -nitro
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    vo2 testing

    does any body know if u can do a max vo2 test at home? if not, where would i go to get one? thanx -nitro
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    Average Resting Heart Rate

    im 15, and i got mine down to 39 at a walmart blood pressure tester theres an entire thread on hr in the cycling training forum
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    9 footer

    im thinking aboot building a 9 foot giraffe uni. i think i should be able to use a bicycle bottom bracket/seat tube, and im guessing with the right steel i could flatten out the tubing at the bottom to form the dropouts. does anybody know if this will work, or have any other ideas to make the...
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    What's your average riding speed?

    this whole running/cycling and lungs/legs thing probably has to do with when you cycle you can vary your cadence to optimum efficiency, whereas running you have a very limited choice of legspeed i might be wrong, but this is my best hypothesis -nitro
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    How SLOW can you go?

    can anybody here do no handed trackstands? ive held one out for aboot ten minutes once, and im trying to figure out how to put my feet up ont the front wheel and trackstand likt that (with no hands, of course) -nitro (P.S.-sorry-im not from the uk, but the other threads got kinda boring)