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    I Love My Hybrid! Glad I Did Not Get A Road Bike!

    I loved my hybdrid too. Trek 7.3 fx. I did a ton of rides from 3-50 miles. I'm a big guy so I cruise around 14-15 mph. After 3 years, i got the road bike because more and more of my rides were 25 miles plus and I wanted something to do a century ride on. Both are great bikes. But I am so...
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    Best Way To Secure Bike (in Apartment)

    My super used to let me store mine in the laundry room. I guess u have no basement or balcony space. Perhaps wall mounts? Seinfeld always had a bike hung on his wall. If u leave it out regularly, it will get taken. Even if not to be used just because people like to take ****. If u...
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    Advice For Hybrid

    If u have a Performance Bicycle shop near you, the transeo 4.0 sells for $499.99 but still, based on ur ride type, u should look at more of a hybrid like the specialized cirrus or trek fx series.
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    Advice For Hybrid

    Have you considered the trek Fx 7.4? Similar price point with a carbon fork to smooth out a lot of bumps. I gotta say, based on the tire size (40 mm?) and the fact that you have hydraulic adjustable fork, this sounds like a mountain bike not really a hybrid. Nothing you said about how you...
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    Anybody Have A 2015 Cannondale Synapse 105?

    Well there are a lot of very very positive reviews on the web- here are 2: I am not a pro, semi pro...
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    Anybody Have A 2015 Cannondale Synapse 105?

    I have the 2015 synapse Ultegra. I test rode the 105. What is your question??
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    Where Did You Ride Your Road Bike Today?

    Today its pouring rain, but yesterday i took a lap around Keuka Lake in western NY. A gorgeous 44 mile loop around the finger lakes wine country. Highly recommend the route.
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    How Much Would A Road Bike Improve My Performance

    I agree... With similar fitness I am about 2mph faster on my road bike...but I find its more comfortable on longer rides. I still have a lot to learn technique wise and i just started clipping in, so there's potential for more improvement. But overall I think I went from about 13-14 mph on...
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    Which Cannondale

    What are you asking?
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    Mixing Cycling Specific Clothing With Non-cycling Clothing? Dos And Don'ts?

    Jersey and gym shorts is my normal get up. If I am going for a long ride- the spandex bike shorts with the butt pad go UNDER the gym shorts. My jersey of choice is the Endura Humvee - very comfortable and loose fitting...
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    First Time Riding Clipless- Impressions

    I got my first road bike in April. Its a Cannondale Synapse and I love it. I had them put on the Shimano A-530 pedals which are half platform and half clipless. I have done a number of events using the platform side, always kinda fearful of going clipless. I struggled through some of the...
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    Nutrition Help: What To Eat Before/during/after A Gran Fondo

    Hello people, I need some help getting to the next level in my cycling efforts. I am signing up for Gran Fondos and other group rides and want to tackle a century ride, but the climbs are killing me. Not the distances...but the climbs. I have had to walk my bike up several of them and I am...
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    First Impression Trek 400

    ORIGINAL POST: Just bought the Cannondale Synapse Ultegra Disc. I test rode Trek Domane, Giant Defy, Specialized Roubaix and came back to the Cannondale. I too just upgraded from a Hybrid. The hybrid has its uses, but I sure do love flying by on the road bike. Enjoy the test rides...
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    I Really Like The Looks Of This Beast

    well it sure aint black! Its not my cup of tea, but I like something different.