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    More power or less weight? Which is better?

    FWIW(n=1), As a road/stage racer I played with weight reduction this past season and here's my stats: 45yo, 5'10" primarily racing P12 events going from 66kg in '06 to 60kg in '07. Obviously the change is not solely due to weight loss but the training programs were similar each year. w/kg '06...
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    More power or less weight? Which is better?

    Just my '02 pesos here but isn't accelerating quickly and/or riding uphill at the crux of most races(TT excl) since that's when the split, break or sprint occurs that ultimately decides the final outcome? ;)
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    Any reason to train at L2 or L3?

    +1 You are not alone :D
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    What is a reasonable gain in power?

    For me "Race Weight" is found when producing max w/kg at my best/strongest time interval(i.e. 1, 5 or 20/60min) while maintaining a healthy immune system(i.e. not getting sick). A delicate balancing act. It is very individual and usually found via experimentation and trial-n-error rather than as...
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    PT on group rides

    After getting PM'd 2 years ago I've pretty much moved away from group rides for core training. Even when I do one I stick to my training plan. That might mean I tow the whole group, ride out in the wind, watch the group ride away, si tin for some L2, etc. After decades of doing group rides I've...
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    Power Training burnout?

    Earth to daveryanwyoming...Come in...You're getting pretty far out there dude. Time to gather your wits and get those feet back in the pedals training lots and hardly riding. Oops, I think that is what they call aCoggian slip:eek: I meant riding lots and training hard . :rolleyes:
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    Power Training burnout?

    Dammit. Thanks for ruining everything for those of use that paid our dues and learned "The Secret" the hard way! Now that the cat's out of the bag might as well go all the way and share the details of how to "ride lots" and "train hard" w/o using even a speedometer. I know. I know. The Coach's...
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    You Power Profile

    age 44 cat 2 weight 61kg train ~15hrs/wk 5sec 15.7 w/kg AP 1min 8.7 5min 5.5 20min 4.7 Not really sure what benefit there is to compare one's numbers vs. anothers or the chart except to identify some POTENTIAL ability. IME the chart is only loosely coupled with race results or one's race...
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    recovery question

    Just depends...If you are racking up 600-800 TSS a week then do a 600 TSS weekend your legs will likely need a bit of time to recover. On the other hand if your training has 1000-1200 TSS weeks including back-to-back(block) 250-300 point days then your legs should be good to go sooner. IMO 3...
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    CTL Peak till Race ??

    For WKO+ users. Using some spreadsheet models I'm trying to plan/forecast my CTL for the season and specifically my key event - 5 day stage race. I've been nailing my plan so far this season continually building CTL 3-5pts week. Now taking a planned 4 day break before starting my event...
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    analyticcycling web site?

    Anybody else have problems getting to the web site? It's been unavailable(at least to me) the last few days. :confused: Thanks!:)
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    How many watts would be save by loosing a 1/2 pound of weight from a wheelset?

    Not a whole lot is relative if you've ever lost a TT(they're not all flat) by a 1 or 2 seconds. Not saying one should or shouldn't ride light equipment - just depends how much you're willing to do to achieve your goals. :)
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    Differentiation of L5/L6 intervals

    Maybe this has already been discussed before...but what the heck For discusion purposes how about assuming the OP has a classic bell shaped "pursuit" power profile (low/med 5sec, high 1min & 5min, low FT w/kg). To me it looks like the Coggan FTP based power levels are based on a linear "all...
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    50% Big Sale For 2006 Bikes!!!

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    Level 2 revisited

    Need to compare apples to apples. 8 hours of SST type training wk will get you more fit (yes, enough for some to win some 5+h P12 races) than a more "traditional" 8hr training program. On the other hand if you had 16 hrs wk then 8 SST and 8 long L2/L3 could be a better approach(if it fits...