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    Chainset Question

    Oh wow, thank you very much for that. I'll have a lookee see what I can find in that case. Perhaps it'll put an end to my days of spinning the pedals at outrageous speeds rather than 80-110 rpm
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    Chainset Question

    Many thanks. Do you have any idea what mtb chainsets if any will take 46 tooth chainrings?
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    Chainset Question

    I've got a chainset question. I've got a Kona Explosif. Its a few years old. I want to start road time trialling but I have no intention of spending money on a road bike until I am sure I am going to stick to it. As my off road days are fairly limited I am thinking of converting the bike for...
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    Over the hill gang

    . I'm o ly 35 but I feel over 40! Does that count???? Sadly yours and no offence meant.