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    Looking at several sets of wheels, guidance/explanation appreciated

    I'm no gram weenie, but when it comes to road bikes, I think upgrading wheels is well worth the admittedly expensive price. I once had a Trek cyclocross bike that came with Bontrager Race wheels. I then upgraded to Race Lites and then on to Race X Lites and noticed an improvement at each step. I...
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    Thinking about buying a steel frame road bike

    Steel may be old school, but it's still my favorite, road bike or MTB, and I own and have owned every type of frame material. Steel bikes have a feel that simply cannot be duplicated with other materials and a steel frame with beautiful welds is a work of art. Carbon, aluminum and composite...
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    What is your diet regimen?

    I control my type II diabetes, completely and very successfully, with my low carb diet. The only carbs I eat in any great quantity are green (free) carbs. That means no sugar, no starch, and not even flour products. Very limited fruits. My energy comes from protein and fats, via nuts and oils. I...
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    Sprocket teeth?

    Means a great deal on any bike, but especially on a single speed. On the front (the chain ring) gear on the crankset, more teeth equals greater speed, but also greater pedaling effort. Fewer teeth means lower speed, but less pedaling effort. On the rear, just the opposite. More teeth means...
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    Entry level road bike for commuting in nyc

    Strongly recommend buying a used bike with your budget and you can find a great used bike for $400, these days. Bikes, as a general rule, do not hold their value, well, so lots of good buys out there IF you know what you are doing. If not, it's buyer beware all the way. You should also educate...
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    The local bike shops

    I'd look for another bike shop. First, a good shop should be able to give you a more accurate estimate and second, if the shop needs to go over the estimate by that much, they should clear it with you before proceeding. That's basic customer service.
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    Opinion about a mtb

    Hi Mary Some beautiful bikes, but if you're new to mountain biking, you need to carefully consider the trails you will be riding and the type of MTB you use. Trails vary tremendously in degree of difficulty. Some trails are best handled with one type of MTB and some with another type of MTB. I...
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    Looking for adventure bike

    Strongly recommend the Salsa Fargo. It's what Salsa calls their drop bar mountain bike. Wonderful steel bike and I bought it because steel is my favorite. I run mine on a mix of pavement and gravel and it does a fair job on single track until things get seriously technical. It's my "ride any...
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    Entry level road bike for commuting in nyc

    Have used every kind of bike there is for commuting, including traditional road bikes, touring bikes, cross bikes, cyclocross bikes and mountain bikes of all kinds. The good news is that all of these will work, to one extent or another. Before you pick one, though, you need to analyze your...
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    Intro, first 20 mile, a few qs

    Easy does it. You need to increase your distance, gradually. Don't try to make big jumps. When you can go 20 without a rest, time to go to 30 and so on and, yes, many of us can go 50 and even more without a rest. I rarely eat when I ride, even on all day rides, but I am religious about staying...
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    What is your worst cycling experience?

    Have had my share of spills and crashes, but the weirdest was while mountain biking down a steep single track in heavy brush. I'll just say that I no longer wear hoop earrings while mountain biking. :)
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    Just playing in the woods

    Thanks for sharing. That's my way to beat the heat, too, Just head for the deep woods and some shade.
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    Always fun watching a new rider grow !

    Enjoyed the story and the video. Always nice to find a good riding pard. Good for you.
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    When do you need to buy new tires?

    Bike tires are actually pretty darn durable, assuming you keep them properly inflated. Have ridden many thousands of miles on smooth road bike tires and never needed to replace them. My mountain bike tires take more of a beating, but, even then, I mostly replace them to go with a different tread...
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    Am i pushing myself too hard?

    That diet would kill me, but we're all different. Still, I would check with a dietician. An increase in the resting heart rate that high would tell me I had a cold in the works. In the past, when biking to the point of extreme miles and not allowing my body sufficient time to recover, I have...