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    Heavy breathing

    I've been noticing that many top riders seem to breathe real heavy when of the bike - almost sort of snoring. Any explaination for this, or is it just a coincidence?
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    Aero difference between 46mm and 58mm Reynolds

    Hi! I was wondering how big the difference is between the AERO 46 and AERO 58? I ride in Denmark where the races are often decided in the cross winds. My biggest force as a cyclist is to sprint, so i'd like to go with the 46 tubular model (58 doesn't come in a tubular model) if the aero...
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    CTL for Masters

    Hi! I myself am a conti rider. I hit a CTL of 135-140 - made up from specific training - when i'm in my best shape. Next year I will be coaching some masters athletes. Any masters out there who have some personal experience with CTL and hitting top form? My thoughts are that CTL does not need...
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    Best body fat measurement using calibers

    Hi! There are many different body fat calculation methods out there - eg. YMCA. The results of the different methods are very dependent on where to fat i distributed on the body. Which is most accurate for cyclist?
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    power nap after workout

    Hi! What is your thoughts on a short nap after training for recovery purposes. Something like taking a shake and them napping for 20-30 min?
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    Self massage tools

    Hi there.. Any good tips on tools for self massage on the legs?
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    Last weeks before Nationals

    It is not really a target event, but after that race there will be more than a month until next race, so i thought why not taper and enjoy :D
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    Last weeks before Nationals

    Hi! I'm now two weeks away from the national road race championship. The race will be 200 kms mostly flat. The sunday before there will be a 'practice' race similar in length and course. This weekend I will be racing both sat and sun. The races will be 150 kms. After a peak in mid may I...
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    Calorie deficit and carb storage

    Two questions; 1. What effect does dieting have on your carbohydrate storage? - eg. during a 500 cal deficit with 1-1,5g protein/kg, 0,75-1g fat/kg and rest carbs 2. What is the common advise on cal deficit when one has to loose weight during season?
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    90 watts in 22 weeks

    Do you have the link?
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    Strength Training for Sprint Performance

    You are absolutely right that the lead out is very different from the finishing sprint. Training that will be part of my program. Sometimes during the season the team will be split up, and I will be the primary sprinter. I really want to make sure to put up a decent sprint in those instances :)
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    Strength Training for Sprint Performance

    Hi! I just made it on a team for next season, mostly because of my sprint performance this year. My role is going to be either as a lead out for this seasons sprinter or if I prove to be stronger I might be chosen as the primary sprinter. Obviously I don’t want to disappoint and also have...
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    Daniels Points vs TSS

    yep, and the Daniels Points in GC is based on power
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    Daniels Points vs TSS

    In June i had the best month of my cycling 'career'. I hit PB on 5, 10 and 20 mins and finished in top 5 for 6 races in a row. Then i had a one week break in early july and after that started a 3 week build for the late season in aug. However i was not able to hit the same numbers at all, so i...
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    Bill Black's HOP

    I would guess that HOP workouts are somewhat more specific to road racing than evenly paced intervals - but also that they might not give the same gains in FTP. So, what do you think the ratio between steady state intervals and HOP-type workouts should be throughout the base/build?