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    mtn bike SS

    I have been riding my road SS for year now and I am totally hooked, climbed hills and long rides I never thought I could do without gears..... My friends think Im nuts??? so whats new anyway. I now want to build a SS Mtn Bike, with disc brakes and front suspension, so that rules out an older...
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    restoring classic full campy

    Thanks for the reply, I will be only restoring to original condition, I must admit there is temptation to do more, but I will resist. I will post pictures asap. I found the campyonly www site last night and there was a picture with notes and it was exactly the bike I have...
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    restoring classic full campy

    I have recently come into possession of a full campy Reynolds frame and componants circa 1970? I think. Hasnt been ridden in while, but everything works quite well ... lots of dust from the basement. Also a full Campy Raliegh same circa. I wish to restore/ ride these georgeous bikes... before I...
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    USA Sweep of the Podium in France???

    Here, here, I have to agree with you, as unsavory as that may be... I think you are 100% CORRECT. Looks like the original post may be right as they will be all thats left in the pelaton.
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    What to Buy: Newer Trek, or Vintage Colagno??

    Buy them both.... the trek ( I have 2 a new 5000 and an old 2100 i converted to a single speed commuter.. love em both) for riding in tri's and the colnago for it's (assuming ) beauty. I wouldnt update any of the componants especially if they are vintage campy..... sounds like a sweet bike to...
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    my first century

    All of the above and take it easy, buy the best cycling shorts you can, Pearl Izumi make a really nice top of the line short or bib.... makes a huge difference. Have fun.
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    whats your favorite saddle???

    Brooks Swift on my single speed Brooks Swallow is going to go on my racer fizik on my mtn bike The Brooks Swift when on my racer has logged quite a few centurys in great comfort, took no time to break in, and fits me like a glove. Still get a little sore, but that goes with the territory I...
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    Bald Guy Question

    ditto... I wear an under armour skull cp... keeps me warm in t winter and cool in the summer
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    Advice for a new LBS salesman!

    To add a little bit more... dont worry about customers buying cheaper from online stores, if you treat them well they will come to you for all of their other needs. I shop around for bargains but when it comes to great service I always go back to the LBS that I know I can trust.............
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    Changing over to Road Bikes

    sweet ride!
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    Changing over to Road Bikes

    I changed over a few years ago, I went from living in Vancouver to Chicago, I fought long and hard over the issue and realized that I needed to change. Wow I guess I have always been a roadie at heart (i'm also in my fifties) . The change I noticed the most is that riding in groups is more of a...
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    Training etiquette when pros pass

    Just wanted to say great posting all.......enjoyed the feedback immensely. I think I would fall of my bike rubbernecking... lol
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    Riding in large groups?

    to add to the others: listen to the riders in front and behind as they are constantly warning about traffic ahead and behind. Feel free to shout out if you hear a car coming from either direction ( I usually ride in rural Illinois) Also watch for hand signals warning of debris/potholes. gravel...
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    Money Making Ideas

    sounds gross but one kid in our nieghbouhood is charging $10 a pop for picking up dog **** from peoples yards? dont know if he has much business, but I thought it was original. I have 2 grown children and if they needed something badly enough that they couldnt afford I would hire them to do...
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    longest commuter

    Although my commute is only 6.5 miles each way I plan to turn one of the rides (there or back) into a thirty miler. I can use either roads or trails. I am in the process of building a single speed roadie with beefier wheels so that I can ride anytime anywhere. i will only be able to commute...