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    Should i buy m size or l size giant tcr advanced pro team road bike?

    Medium. ML doesn't start to work unless you're taller than 5'9".
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    Am i too lanky?

    Got you beat, Jambo. Just shy of 6' 0", 35" leg length. I'll bet your feet are bigger than mine though. I think you'll be happy on the 60. For comparison, I prefer smallish 58s (like trek) or largish 56s (like Scott or specialized). With 175 mm cranks of course. Although the specialized fit...
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    What carbon bottle cages does everyone like the best?

    I was whining about H2 head tubes, too, until a buddy gave me his spare 4 mm headset cone. With the low-profile cone, a 2 mm shim, a -10 degree Pro stem and round Pro 7s handlebar (130 mm drop, 80 mm reach, and a full belly curve), I'm in ergonomic heaven. Low-profile cones can be ordered from...
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    Need help from experienced riders. new vs old quality

    The 9-speed Ultegra drivetrain on the 5200 has to be getting tired and finding replacements will be difficult unless you're willing to go the whole upgrade route. Also, there's no telling how much life is left in 12 year-old OCLV carbon. I vote for keeping the Emonda, which is not shabby at all...
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    How do you feel about riding with traffic?

    Whao, did I misread this thread. I thought the topic was riding with traffic, as opposed to riding against traffic. Not about riding in traffic. Which lead to a lot of misunderstanding. I apologize to anyone I may have offended. I did
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    How do you feel about riding with traffic?

    Well I was. If you want to narrow a general discussion about riding safely in traffic to the specific problems of certain municipalities, then do it. But I'm suggesting you find less abrasive ways of excluding people from your discussion.
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    How do you feel about riding with traffic?

    Jack Fabros, the guy who started this thread, is from a place called Ft. McMurray, which I presume is not Manilla. A bit snippy, aren't we?
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    How do you feel about riding with traffic?

    Rules as they are practiced vary in other parts of the world. Sorry about my limited North American experience.
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    How do you feel about riding with traffic?

    I've been riding with traffic for 57 years. My mom taught me to ride with traffic when I was 7, so that's what I've been doing. Getting hit by cars is not fun, but most drivers really don't want to hit you. You give them more opportunity to avoid you if they've been following you for a few...
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    Bike without pedals

    So the point of this is? I thought we got over foot dragging when this thing grew pedals in the early 1800s. Of course, the new one has (sic) dics breaks.
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    Looking in to getting a 36t chainring, can't find it online.

    If you have a 110 mm BCD 5-bolt crankset, then these folks have the last 52/36t chain ring set you'll ever need. Costs a little more but reportedly worth it.
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    Miyata 914se worth anything?

    Maybe it's a Colnago that someone repainted.
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    Looking in to getting a 36t chainring, can't find it online.

    The version of Tiagra that you're using is 4600. 4600 cranks are available with either a 130 mm BCD (bolt center diameter), which is standard, or a 110 mm BCD, which is compact. 52/39 chain rings on 4600 indicate that you have the standard crank set. 36t rings are only available for compact...
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    Advice for the short girl

    Right. You should be able to stand over the bike easily with your feet flat on the ground. Most major brands sold in bike shops have frame sizes that will fit you.
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    Bike advice

    I vote for the used Fastback, if everything on it works as it should and it fits reasonably well. It's from a period when Schwinn tried to address two markets at the same time, independent bike dealers and big-box discount stores. This was one of their IBD bikes, quite nice. And 10-speed 105...