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    5.9 mm chain with breakable link

    +1 That is what I ride. Works great.
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    1974 Colnago - any others out there?

    Hey CAMPYBOB, What year is your Profil CX? I also have a 1980 Profil in the Colnago fleet. I hardly ever see these.
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    Campy Vento vs Xero XR1

    L If you "upgrade", let me know if you want to sell the Ventos.
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    riding position

    I used to ride on the drops all the time. As I got older and fatter, I find it harder to ride the drops as my stomach gets in the way. For me, TT bars and being able to rest my elbows on the bars helped a lot. You might try TT bars if you haven't.
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    Electric booties?

    I tried electric socks and was not impressed.
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    Problem with front chainring shifting

    I had the same situation with an FSA compact crank. I was running a Shimano chain. I switched to a Wipperman and the problem went away.
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    Mileage for the Year

    I'm sitting on 4,730 miles so far. Unfortunately, there is a sheet of ice on the roads now making commuting very difficult. Most of the people I ride with exceed my mileage by quite a bit, but they are retired and can ride every day!
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    Please Help

    Hi Ellie. You need to go to a competent bike store and explain what type of riding you will be doing. They should fit you to a proper bike size and type.If they try steering you to one certain model that doesn't seem right to you, thank them and try a different store.You will also enjoy riding...
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    Any Value in this?

    These frames were known for failure at the headtube joints from sweat degrading the adhesion. If that is not a problem on your's, these still make excellent riding bikes. I have one in my collection and have slightly upgraded it to Mavic Open Pro rims and index shifting using Sora brifters as...
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    Detached Water Bottle Bushing?!?!

    I would take a fibre cut off wheel in a die grinder and carefully cuy off the screw head. Next cut off the top of the boss and let the rest fall into the frame. Remove the bottom bracket to remove the debris. Get a threaded insert and install it in the frame hole.
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    Headstem/fork upgrade (old to new)

    A threadless adapter is less than $20. You then have the option of using any 1" stem. How much cheaper could it be?
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    Speedplay Inc. --> Jerks

    I had the same thing happen on Ebay except it was Trek that complained. Best part was, a person had already contacted me and we did the deal outside of Ebay. I was going to buy another Trek product, but that irritated me so much that I won't buy another of their overated products. The only thing...
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    Frigid weather riding...

    I would love to have 42 degree temps in January. Here in the midwest it is around 0 to 20 for the high in January. We still ride, just not as far. A typical ride is 15 miles out for a warm drink and back.Make sure to keep your head, hands and feet warm. Also watch your nose for frostbite.Even...
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    Spinergy wheel repair

    I may have not been clear enough in my original post. The loss of adhesion is where the LH disc/spokes attatches to the hub. The hub protrudes through the spokes so there is no danger of the wheel falling apart. I cleaned the entire area with gasket prep to clean it. I next ran thin CA adhesive...
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    Spinergy wheel repair

    I just picked up a set of Spinergy wheels. The rear wheel had a lot of side to side runout. Upon inspection I found that on the non drive side, the spokes had lost their adhesion to the hub. I moved the rim until it ran true and then used an industrial super glue to hold it. I plan on adding...