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    Selle SMP Saddle

    Unfortunately, personal testimonials about saddles is meaningless. I had one of these saddles but it just wasn't for me. I purchased it on e-bay and then sold it on e-bay. I didn't make as much on the sale as what I paid, but the difference was worth the test drive.
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    Question about time trial training

    Even taking into account individual recovery, those two milers should be so hard that you won't be able to recover in only one day. These should be white hot intensity slightly above the threshold you hit for the seven milers. Give yourself an extra day of recovery after these.
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    Varicose Veins at 27?

    I have a gnarly looking varicose vein on one of my calves so I went to a specialist in this area for an evaluation. It was going to cost about $4000 and the treatment didn't sound easy at all. For some, varicose veins need treatment but for me the solution is just cosmetic so I'm going to live...
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    Performance enhancing -bicarb loading

    Race Day Boost is available from Hammer Nutrition,,10047&AMI=10130#info1
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    Indoor training with power?
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    Should I Sell My Computrainer?

    The one thing you can do on the computrainer that you can't do with a powertap/fluid trainer is intervals in ergometer mode. Unless you have tried this you may not understand the difference. With the powertap/trainer you pedal and generate a certain wattage. In ergometer mode on the computrainer...
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    Beginning interval training

    I prefer the shorter 4 to 5 minute intervals simply because they are shorter. The 20 minute ones have a place and a time but are mentally monotonous. The 20 minute intensity is basically the intensity you could hold for an hour of effort but you want to push well beyond that to stimulate greater...
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    training year round/ how to be ready for spring racing

    I worked with a coach beginning last October through March who had me doing trainer workouts all winter. I don't mind riding in the cold so got outside some,but the bulk of work was done inside. I never got hung up with mileage but instead focused on hours spent training, which ended up being...
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    Where do you buy frames from?

    always try e-bay, I found a great deal there
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    Road Tire opinions?

    I can't reference the study at the moment but the Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX have the lowest rolling resistance of any clinchers. I've got them on my nice wheels and like the ride quality. I've been riding them hard all summer and no flats yet.
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    improving power at a given time interval

    I like your 4-5 minute interval idea but I wouldn't try to do them at 8 minutes in length. I've found it very difficult to be able to maintain that white hot, super intensity that I think you need to stimulate major adapation when doing intervals longer than 4 or 5 minutes. You can do longer...
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    "Dura Ace - Open Pro" vs. Ksyrium SL

    My friends who have Ksyriums love them. They are light for clinchers, reasonably priced and take abuse. A very popular wheelset and they look cool too. You can use them for racing or training. Another wheelset in this price range is the Hed Bastogne:
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    Lactic Acid

    I've been told by several masters racers that they don't feel the burn in their legs like they used to. These are guys who can still TT at 26, 27 or even 28 mph for a 40k and these are guys that have been doing intervals for decades. Check out this link...
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    Next best thing to a Computrainer?

    I don't know what your goals are but I think you could still get high quality training done on the CT even if it means having to the workouts later than you would like. Naturally, during the summer I've been riding mostly outside but one day per week I've been doing an intense interval session...
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    After the unit has warmed up, which usually takes about 20 minutes with some fairly good wattage, I calibrate the rolling resistance. I do this each time I use the unit. I also use that new trainer specific tire from Continental. I also make sure that the rolling resistance is close to 2.7. (I...