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    Very Persistent Knee Pain

    Hi, Been cycling at a moderate level for 5-10 years. But have had some serious knee problems over the last two years which I just can't shake off. After tough climbs hills or longer rides ( 50 miles plus) I get knee pain just under the knee cap. It comes on fairly quickly, normally after a hard...
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    Persistent Knee Pain

    I have been cycling for several years but in the last 12 months have been having severe problems with my knees: last year I had a particularly intense summer of cycling. After prolonged cycling ( more than 3 hrs). I get severe pain in(usually the left) knee but sometimes in both knees.It comes...
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    Patellar?(knee) tendonitis

    Hi Can you tell me the symptomes of this patellar tendonitis? Cheers,Paul
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    Tight Calves and Hamstring

    I have developed very tight calves and a tight hamstring. I think it was from over training in the summer; an increase in training intensity combined with not doing good stretching The calves are so tight that when i get up in the morning i have to walk on tip toe for a minute. I circuit...
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    Pain on the outside of my left knee

    Me too! Sounds very similar. This problem haunted me for much of last year. I am not yet 100% sure of the cause :confused: but... I have developed very tight calves and hamstrings from cycling and also circuit training( through over training and /or trying to push too hard and fast when i...
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    Pain on the outside of my left knee

    test test test testy
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    Knee Pain

    Hi, the pain starts as a quite diffuse pain around the whole knee joint: front and behind, but then seems to focus just underneath the knee cap if I keep on cycling.:mad: Going up hill makes the pain rocket up. The pain/ tightness in the gluts has been with me for months and just won't...
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    Knee Pain

    Hello this year for the first time i've been getting some serious knee pain.I first had problems in April whilst Mountain biking. I rested for awhile and then started cycling again. Mostly road biking.The odd think is that over the summer I was fine, even though I was doing 150+ miles week in...