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    what's the best way to learn wheel building?

    Not hard but can be difficult. Get Jobst book, Gerd Schraners book, Art of Wheelbuilding, get a front 32 or 36 hole hub, rims, double butted spokes and give it a fly. How most of us who build wheels started. VERY satisfying, interesting, challenging. For me even after 26 years of building...
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    Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance

    Air tires, go ride. Lube chain when it sounds like you have a bird in your pocket(chirp, chirp, squeak, squeak). Lube AFTER you ride, not just before the next ride. Adjust ders when they dont' shift well. True wheels samo. If ya ride in the wet, OVH hubs, BB, HS about once every 6...
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    Chain Rub with Dura Ace Compact Crankset

    COMMON for the chain to tickle the big ring when on the smaller cogs. 10s gotta go somewhere(outboard) and lots of pins and doo-dads on the big ring to hep the chain get up there under load. As for the mid gear noise, newer shimano hidden der housing shifters HAVE to have very smooth movement of...
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    10 speed vs 9 speed MTB?

    Altho I like the gearing selections associated with MTB 10s, and I think shimano has done a better job, a more refined job of 10s than sram has, not all 'new technology' should be embraced. Some is just plain dumb. BB30, Pressfit BB30, with it's lack of reliability, comes to mind. With Wheels...
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    Ultegra 6700 brakes

    Measure from the center of the brake bolt to the rim, order either shimano or Tektro brakes in that measured range. 6700 STI works just fine with other brake calipers. Only 7900, and shimano, say that you need 7900 calipers with 7900 STI altho other brakes work fine with those as well. There...
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    Wheel upgrade recommendation

    Spending big $ on a wheelset that 'may' save you 300-400 grams(on a pretty typical 85,000 gram 'package-bike and rider) isn't something I would do. Work on the motor(you), get a good bike fit, loose weight, ride and/or race smart, work on your fitness. Wheels need to be reliable and...
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    Groupset for roadbike question

    Get a 11-25 cogset, get Ultegra(far better than anything sram), ebay is probably 7800, last gen DA 10s. Not bad stuff but the levers tend to 'eat' der no warranty for second hand stuff. If the lever doesn't work, you are SOL. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font...
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    Questions About Wheel Swap

    The most important thing in bike 'stuff' is reliability. Save your $, concentrate on the rider, you. Use any excess $ to get a coach. Ride lots. Bike fit, rider fitness, lack of fat on the rider and finesse are the keys to cycling performance, not a set of wheels. BUT if the wheel is 9/10s...
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    Groupset for roadbike question

    STI or tribars with bar end shifters? Hard to beat a 6700(Ultegra) group and if you need barends, get 7900, no 6700 barend shifters. 11-23 as has been mentioned.
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    need to input please

    Speedplay Zeros, shimano Ultegra, both good systems. Speedplay have adjustable float, are 2 sided, more maintainable. shimano are a improved design from LOOK.
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    Changing out a Campy Freehub body for a Shimano...Help

    Contact Torelli, they have freehub bodies.
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    Bike wobbles at high speed, bad wheels?

    I've seen this on more than a few bicycles with Mavic bladed spoke front wheels. Try a standard, round spoke, type front wheel. I DO think a stouter rear rim would be a better idea for you tho, like DT 585..but that has nothing to do with shimmey.
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    Mavic Ksyrium Elite ('11) -vs- Roval Fusee SL 25 ('10) -vs- stock Fulcrum Racing 7 ('11)

    Find a local, good wheelbuilder who will design a wheelset specifically for you and your needs. Better hubs, standard parts, will weigh the same or less and cost less.
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    SRAM chains, Powerlink/lock

    Well, one version of the 10s sram chain/powerlink was recalled cuz it broke. For piece of mind, remove the sram link and get a Wipperman link.