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    Frozen water !

    kind of neat seeing the camera synced with the tire pattern so it looks like they are not spinning. Did you do that on purpose?
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    Price of helmet

    Back in the late 70's/early 80's a motorcycle shop had a sign that read: If you have a $5 head . . . get a $5 helmet.
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    I'd like a little help here

    As I said, one article quoted Bob as saying they were open to selling the shop. And I'll bet they first offered it to Bob's kids then current employees. I doubt they did not look for buyers. I am also sure they had some financial advice. That aside. Financing someone else to take over is...
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    I'd like a little help here

    time expired on my edit, grrrrr. FYI: According to Dunn and Bradstreet, the shop had about $1 million in revenue, with 10 employees (which I think is ludicrous as I never saw more than 5 people working including Bob and Hervey. So take away the cost of inventory, say they were making 30%...
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    I'd like a little help here

    One of the articles I read said they were open to selling the shop. A few friends have mentioned they wish they could buy it (one definitely has a more lucrative job). Bob, the son, who is my age, early 60's, has two children, and I haven't heard, but I guess they don't want it, both have...
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    I'd like a little help here

    I've been an occassional reader/poster here on bike forums, but would like your help. My family run local bike shop is closing. The original owner and his son have decided to take it easy now after working almost non-stop for 45 years. Both the father and the son are great, helpful, and honest...
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    Searching the best mini gas tiller

    Froze, WAY TO GO. You didn't scold this guy at all! You were very nice and answered his question! Boy I wish all forums and people on forums were that nice. THANK YOU
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    Which groupset?

    Evidently Honda has for I think since 2017, definitely 2018. Not only that, those owners get free annual updates for 5 years, but I found a hack to download and install the quarterly updates Garmin puts out for other devices. I take this as a real kick in the teeth by Honda, as I have a 2015...
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    Which groupset?

    1) 1000% agree about the pump with BT. Do you need to have a history of how high a pressure you pumped your tires? That just seems so ludicrous. And more of a pain, and more to go wrong, than a pump with a built in gauge. 2) I had a bad accident last year, something distracted me, and when...
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    Which groupset?

    I am not sure which video is from Cyclintom, but I disagree with the top/longer video. Its been my experience that with a system that is both mechanical and electronic, it is the mechanical part that will wear/break and not the electronic part. I got SRAM eTap, only because that is what came...
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    What bike lights can make me more visible, not just light the road?

    Froze, I was just commenting on his question, "What bike lights can make me more visible, not just light the road?" So he was saying bike lights today light the road and you might not be seen. Which is just the opposite what my brother said in '75 "Bike light are to be seen by, not see by"
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    What bike lights can make me more visible, not just light the road?

    Huh this is odd. Back in '75, after a trip cross country with the lights that used a generator that rubbed your sidewall, my 20 year old brother made the comment that bike lights were made to be seen by, not to see by. Now your saying the opposite?
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    Lemond zurich ‘98 new build

    I'am the original owner of an '88 Team LeMond Pro, with SLX tubing. I upgraded it to Campy Chorus components/wheels a few years ago, I should have done that much sooner. That bike is very responsive, smooth. I like it much better than the Motorbecane Ti Le Champion I bought just a few years ago.
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    Help to rebuild endurance

    No expert here, and some of your language (Z ratings for rides) is beyond my comprehension. My only suggestion is to get Greg LeMond's complete book on cycling (I think published sometime in the 90's). Although you say you've had your bike fitted, but my experience is the people doing bike...
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    Bike lights

    Den09, other night riders, I have a light system I haven't used for a while, and doubt I will again. It uses 3 sealed lead acid batteries (each slightly larger than a 'D' cell, and gave 6V) that hanged in a bag that fit onto your top bar and came with a charger, and two individual lights...