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    Heard of Tommaso?

    Has anybody heard of, or ridden, Tommaso bikes? Their website is They are distributed by Randall Scott cycle co but there is no indication of who actualy makes these bikes. The reason I ask is because they are being sold on ebay and (at huge discount), at...
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    Buying a Bike on Ebay??

    Does anyone know of other useful websites for shopping for second hand bikes? Other than ebay and cyclingforums?
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    Transporting bike from UK to USA (and back)

    Thanks! I'm going to Boston, doing an exchange year there. I won't be bringing it on the plane with me as I already have too much luggage :-) Has anybody actually shipped a bike trans-atlantic before, who can tell me how much they paid, whether it worked for them, and whether it was good...
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    Transporting bike from UK to USA (and back)

    Has anybody tried shipping / sending a bike transatlantic before? I live in the UK, but I'm spending a year in the USA and am trying to figure out whether it's worth sending my bike across, and back again afterwards. Any advice much appreciated, thanks! (I own a softish bike bag and lots of...
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    Latest Research on Saddles

    cyclingPT, are there any mainstream saddles (with noses) that you can recommend as being better than others?
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    Shimano cleats

    After a year-and-a-bit of use, the two bolts and two washers on each of my SH91 cleats are very very worn - to the point where I'm having trouble unscrewing one of them. Does anyone have an idea where I can get replacement bolts and washers for Shimano cleats? I should replace them before...
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    Creaking bottom bracket?

    I have a Scott AFD Elite 2003 (low-mid range aluminium road bike) with Tiagra which recently got a new chain and cassette. While riding today I noticed two things: 1. A squeaky chain 2. A creaking noise from the bottom bracket area The squeaky chain was my own fault. Yesterday I went for a...
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    Stupid questions from non-cyclist

    "Well, cycling isn't really a team thing is it?" "Why doesn't it have suspension?"
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    who will win this years tour de france

    I think it's gonna be very close between Ullrich and Armstrong. I'm looking forward to a repeat of the epic 2003 race...
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    Hamilton suspended for 2 years.

    It's hard to know what to think... there's so much that's been fishy about this case, and even though he's supposed to have been proven guilty by the courts, I'm still struggling to believe it. Reading his website just makes me wonder about all those things going on...
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    Advice on route

    Hey everyone, My cousin and I are planning a short weekend break, hoping to ride about 50 miles per day for two days, preferably over undulating but not overly challenging roads. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on good routes, good resources for finding routes, or maybe a recommended...
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    What's your cycling resolution for 2005?

    Oh and the naked thing. But I get naked a lot anyway - maybe I should aim to improve my PB time for getting naked.
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    What's your cycling resolution for 2005?

    Start riding again after virtually no riding for 4 months. Ride Land's End to John o' Groats :D
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    Who is smarter, Roadies or Mountain Bikers?

    What type of rider is the person who started this poll? He/she wrote 'how' instead of 'who' on the poll question, so that's fairly conclusive.
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    If Lance doesn't ride, who wins 2005 TdF???

    Can you believe 106 people voted for Leipheimer and only 16 for Vinokourov? Just because Vino missed the Tour last year doesn't mean he's a worse rider than was! Is it because there are a lot of Americans voting?