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    How Many Hours Do You Train Per Week?

    Yeah, some people (ahem, Cameron) can win Lotoja 3 times on 6-10 hrs a week. What does that tell ya? :eek:;) I do the same (indoors, outdoors, LSD, SST, VO2max intervals) and can't even upgrade to a Cat. 2. Well, maybe if I raced more... :rolleyes: P.S. I'm not really back, just lurking once...
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    RAAM for Wounded Warriors.

    NomadVW! :)
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    RAAM for Wounded Warriors.

    For the life of me I can't remember, but he's the military guy who raced in Japan then moved back to the U.S. He used to frequent the power forums quite a bit over the years. I went to his blog occasionally and through it (I guess) learned his name. He came back to the forum not long ago after a...
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    RAAM for Wounded Warriors. - U.S. Military Team to race for Wounded Warrior Project I just wanted to point out that one of our CF members is on the featured team, so if they go by your town, give Tom and the team a shout and donate here: Sorry, I haven't been here in...
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    CTL-FTP.....optimal level?

    Aha!!! TSS2. :cool:
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    Training for sprinting.

    I make a distinction between sprinting and going as hard as you can. This may be just semantics, but sprinting should be neuromuscular in nature. You can go as hard as you can for any length of time, but IMO you only sprint when you accellerate (under most conditions, certainly not sprinting up...
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    Climbing training for novice

    To be a good climber, it helps to be a lightweight slow-twitcher. Based on your particular body build, high W/kg may or may not be your lot, but one way you can improve your climbing skills is to do long intervals (20-60 min) without stopping. It helps to have long canyon roads to practice, but...
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    Cancellara considers hour record

    LA Can't Do It This article used to link to some wind tunnel photos that showed LA's sub-par CdA. The linked photos and articles have been removed since.
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    Incantations while cycling

    That Stuart Smalley **** ain't gonna give you MORE COWBELL ! (preferably measured in Watts) :cool:
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    When intervals are too much - abandon, shorten or reduce intensity?

    Funny you should ask, because I just had such a day today. I planned on 1 hr L4 hard indoors (1h 15 min total) and considered yesterday's short sprint session (first in 2-3 months) to be just an "opener" ride. After 15 minutes I knew L4 wasn't going to happen so I backed off to L3 for another 15...
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    Irrefutable Truths and Cycling Training

    # (whatever we're up to): YMMV :D
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    TT bike fit progress

    Or, he could just snap a pic of his shadow on a wall at sunrise or sunset for which Kansas is particularly well suited. :D
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    TT bike fit progress

    FWIW, I've noticed that adjusting riding position indoors may not be optimal, since the forward momentum when riding outside plays a role in how balanced one feels on the bike. For an experiment try riding in a normal position with the hands on top of bars and then while keeping your torso...
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    It's killing me but..........

    I use T2's as well. They're aluminum, but I believe that they also come in carbon for those with money to burn.
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    Just finished 'winter weight loss' project

    If you cycled throughout the 10 weeks, your quads (or more accurately legs) are probably leaner, not smaller. Don't expect any perceptible leg muscle growth from cycling either. Lean legs are good. Less weight to carry uphill.