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    Prudholme admits Lance rides clean...

    Meanwhile, Christian Prudhomme, the Tour de France director, has said that the sport has cleaned up its act. "Pierre Bordry [French anti-doping agency president] recently confirmed to me that there had been no suspicious cases [in the 2009 Tour]. This means that the fight against doping is...
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    Contador - I Will Never Admire Armstrong

    I'm not sure why anyone is surprised; Armstrong is a megalomaniac it has been this way throughout his entire career sine he forcibly took control of Motorolo. There is serious suspicion laid here and elsewhere that he controls the UCI and perhaps the way AFLD mentioned their concern with how the...
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    DiLuca positive for EPO (CERA) ??

    Yep and Rasmussen is a picture of health!!! :) Lim - Di Luca is an egotistical dirty doping cheat. He has now been caught and it is goodnight for his career.
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    Who do you think is doping in the '09 tour?

    Wiggins is a phenomenal competitor and has been training like a beast all year specifically for this goal. The cyclist set himself track goals and became by far the best pursuit rider and now has set himself other targets. I think if he was doping at his wit and power then he would be up with...
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    born again Lance fan :)

    This year he is just too damn cool. Special edition designed bikes. I saw his yellow and black one up close in La Grande Motte and it rocks! Just seen the new Damien Hirst designed butterfly bike and it is beautiful. Interviews with film stars, Stiller, Williams funny. Twits on stages...
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    Tom 'Maradona' Boonen oh dear!

    SO Boonen v Cavendish is looking a little shaky on the eve of the Giro considering the recent (and 2nd) out of competition Cocaine failed drug test!!!!
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    Oh you Armstrong haters must really hate this!

    Barça have an attitude to shirt sponsorship that is historically noteworthy. They have continuously refused to advertise corporate sponsors on the shirt since the club's founding. On 14 July 2006, the club announced a five year agreement with UNICEF, which includes having the UNICEF logo on...
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    Oh you Armstrong haters must really hate this!

    Indeed Swampy ... were you saying something about facts and old ladies? ;) BTW I agree with all your confirmations but .... I am a sofa cycling fan and didn't know about Livestrong back at the 07 tour. It may had existed but it was in my opinion far smaller and less effective than it is now...
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    Oh you Armstrong haters must really hate this!

    Livestrong wasn't around Contador wasn't top dog (and not expected to feature at le Tour, let alone win) Leipheimer wasn't very good 3 big differences between now and then. Also back then success for the team was based around Lance winning but now it is just about Lance appearing in a fashion...
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    New doping product?

    Prototype Product 3789575a: Code Name - Mark Cavendish Kick Ass Baby!
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    Oh you Armstrong haters must really hate this!

    It looks increasingly likely that Astana will become Trek Livestrong which means seeing Armstrong in all grand tours be that as rider, director or owner until he dies!!!! ROFL :) I do like the banter in this forum but this is really making me chuckle! Have a nice day.
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    Gambling, Doping, Tour and Law?

    If this is the case then how can employers be that Rabobank or anyone else try and claw back wages of cyclists who have doped and misled the team.
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    Gambling, Doping, Tour and Law?

    If I placed some large bets on an Astana team member being on podium, Astana being in top 3, Astana winning team race, Astana team member winning tour, contador winning tour, Levi winning tour. If this then happened only subsequently the teammember was found guilty of doping and thus I lost my...
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    2009 Paris-Roubaix!

    cool race
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    Has the UCI dumped Armstrong ?

    Slovakguy, I am not sure what your point is, that he won the race to the jersey, the race to the people's hearts and the race to the bank? Doping is rife in cycling and numerous victors are dirty but none of them are ever going to admit to it and they will all strenuously spin the facts to...