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    Any Good.

    5k, if the Wattbike's watts and speeds are to be believed then yeah you're on the right track. Get out on some group rides and attack on some longish climbs not many riders short of pretty good masters and amateur racers will be ahead of you.
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    Your Favorite Ftp Building Workout

    I should HTFU I used to do all 4 intervals at ~FTP. I used to use a punk rock playlist with something very easy during the rests so I wasn't even looking at a clock. Now I'm on a powerbeam pro do the workout is programmed in, also I use my TT bike so 20 minutes then come up for fluids and...
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    Your Favorite Ftp Building Workout

    For building FTP, the best workout is 'lots of volume'. I'm a fan of the long SST-threshold interval at the end of a long mountainous ride. On the trainer 4x20 min intervals (5 min at 50% FTP in between) the first 3 at 90%+ FTP the last one as hard as you can go for the 20 minutes.
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    Narrow Handlebars?

    So I had my race bike stolen... Super bummer, but I'm building up a new race bike and that's super exciting! Anyway I have longish arms and torso but a pretty narrow frame. So I'm hunting a narrow bar 38-40 that isn't a compact drop. I'd prefer an alloy bar as I'm not a fan of racing on...
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    What Ftp Does A 170 Lb Man Need To Do A 10 Hour Double Century?

    Dude, please don't think we're being mean. If I'd said 235 W should be fine... that would have been mean. Realistic expectations.
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    What Ftp Does A 170 Lb Man Need To Do A 10 Hour Double Century?

    Chiming in a little late here. I'm 68 and change kilos with a pretty solid ftp ~4.9 w/kg. On my TT rig and really trying maybe I could do a 10 hour effort on the shortened version but no guarantee. If I'm waiting for someone on the climbs, no way. I suppose you might get lucky and find a...
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    Which is more important, a light bike or light body?

    I am by no means a weight weenie I have a "heavy" bike with heavy wheels and a huge underseat bag. For training it's probably 18.5 lbs racing maybe 16.5... At new years I was a little heavy and a little out of shape, got training and got my ftp up to ~normal for early season races. Ftp ~4.1...
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    Does Running Improve Cycling?

    Running instead of cycling probably won't help much. Running in addition to cycling could be more beneficial. Best option would probably be cycling and more cycling. I've been stagnating on the trainer losing fitness and motivation. I ran the other night for the first time in years and did 2...
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    CTL for Masters

    You having said it doesn't make it true. In fact, on the rare occasions when you've posted something that I've agreed with I've had to reevaluate my position.
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    First road race win!

    Ah, upgrading. Since USA Cycling upgrade points aren't expiring (since 2012) I'm getting close. I think I've got 15 points now and should be able to scrape enough together this season. If TTs counted for upgrade points that would be a different story. I didn't want to upgrade without a win in a...
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    First road race win!

    I did attack on the flat on the out portion of the course. A few of us were starting to rotate at the front. I had been further back most of the race but at that point I thought it was worth the energy to be near the front so that I could react, my plan was to attack much closer to or on the...
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    First road race win!

    I totally apologize for being a braggard (...or asshole) but I'm super, over the moon, excited.  I won my first road race Saturday.  This is my 4th season racing and while I've had success in TTs I haven't been able to get it together to win a road race or crit.  Saturday was Cantua Creek...
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    what is considered a good FTP

    Bike racing is different than running. In running the person who wins 1-200 meter sprints is nowhere to be found at the end of a 5k, 10k, or marathon. The runners winning long distances simply aren't built to compete at sprinting, and 800 meter and milers... Also different animals. In a bike...
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    What is the conceptual, physiological basis for NP calculation?

    Interesting. Doesn't sound like the idea there was to be first across the line for everyone. For my part I am a good time trialist, and perhaps a decent road racer, for me crits are anaerobic workouts, fitness gauges, or races where I intend to support friends and teammates. Data collection is...