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    Haven't been on for a while, been busy 'gaming'. Weather here has cooled dramatically...(thanx to a tropical depression from the gulf and a hurricane to the east - sorry about N.C. and VA....they got a mess to clean up now...) Randy
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    Your Cycling Locations

    Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA
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    Weight Loss help

    I have read most of the post here regarding your weight loss, my Wife and I have lost a lot of weight over the last three years, she lost 70lbs, and I went from 256lbs to 178lbs. We totally changed our fried foods (this includes chips), high carb low calorie foods were added into our...
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    Getting hit by a car, is it a matter of time?

    Riding slower will not stop stupid people from hitting you, I guess the best way to say this is directly, don't let anything stop you from doing something you enjoy. I have been involved in over 18 car accidents (mind you, not all were the other guys but have not stopped driving...
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    I ride in Hiking Shorts, and T-shirts myself.....(haven't cut off the sleeves yet, but the way they flap in the wind can't be helping me go Randy
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    LBS frame work charge

    Seems from the posted re:'s that your wanting a hanger tab for the front der., but you didn't specify front or rear, (and I have not head of a hanger for the front = I could just be ignorant however) The rear hanger tab is another story.....I would go to a well known welding shop for this, they...
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    LBS frame work charge

    $100 for a used frame, no... Paid $5.00 for a whole bike at a garage sale, Nishiki Sport in fair condition.
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    The F1-circus thread...

    I really am not a big fan of F-1 (Prefer Rally and wish Subaru would ditch the most losing driver they've ever had), but Michael and that Ferrari are just awesome on the track......the right amount of aggressiveness mixed the the right amount of poise, combined with the new team management and...
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    Adventures in Florida Cycling!!

    Altamonte Springs - Near intersection of 434/436 Glad to find a few Floridians in here!
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    Nishiki Bicycles

    Ok, I've been trying to catch on 3 weeks of no internet (I'm ok, And I have seen several of you have Nishiki bicycles. I have recently bought a Nishiki from a garage sale for $5.00 The one I have is a Nishiki Sport, with the following: Suntour AR Front and Rear Der. Sugino...
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    Do you name your ride?

    Haven't named any of my bikes, although the Nishiki will get named. It will be a Japanese name. I'll post when I've chosen.
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    Atomic Thermo Cuts

    Atomic Thermo Cuts Contains: Guarana Leaf Extract (22% Caffiene) 440mg Ma Huang Extract (8% Ephedrine) 250mg * White Willow Bark 75 mg Cayenne Pepper Fruit (90,000 H.U.) 60mg Ginger Root 40mg * People with heart conditions should NOT take this. However, I have no heart condition....and take...
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    Humidity.....I can't help but laugh, I've lived in Central Florida for 15 years and have yet to get used to the 90+ % humidity levels. I ride daily, have yet to find the exact mileage. I also work in the humidity...throwing 50 lbs bags for 8 hours. Water, I probably drink about 4 gallons a...
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    Your Ride!

    Nishiki Sport (53cm) Suntour A/R Front Der. Suntour ? (think its an A/R too) Rear Der. Sugino XT Crank Shimano Rear Hub (probably not OE) Will replace with Jou Ya F23 Rear hub - Aluminum ** Jou Ya F23 Front Hub and Rim - Aluminum * Dia-Compe 1284M Quick Release Calipers F and R Dia-Compe...
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    My bike looks ****!

    Scratches, ha. The top bar on my recently purchased bike is soo bad you can't see the name brand at all on the left, and took a good minute or so to dicipher the other side.... Really, if your a do it yourselfer, go to you local auto parts store and purchase the following: 1. Wet sand paper...