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    My new baby!

    sweet bike. wish I had $$$. :)
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    Mountain Bike for <$500

    The upper level specialized bikes are really good. I ride a hardrock FS, and that's perfect for the roads and the hard trails. I don't know about the rockhopper, but I would assume that its just as good, if not better than my bike. My bro has a hardrock sport and its a pos.
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    Recommendations for MTN Bike Pump needed

    cool. thanks.
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    Giant Rincon - any good?

    I don't think I would choose a bike based on the fact that they have disc brakes. V-Brakes are fine, and when your stocked with cash you can always swap your v-brakes with disc brakes. I'd say you could buy a decent bike for $400 that would have anything you need. my bro's bike costed $200...
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    Recommendations for MTN Bike Pump needed

    Now whats the difference between Mountain Bike Pumps and Road Bike pumps? I went to my local bike shop, and the guy only had Road Bike pumps that were water bottle holder mounted.
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    Will it go rusty?

    I put my bike in the Cellar of our house, i just carry it down the steps and park it there for the night. It works wonders. plus, its an aluminum frame, so I don't think it can rust. What model is your specialized? I ride a HardRock FS and its a pretty neat bike.
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    What should I do next to my bike?

    Well, I think I might be moving on up to a Gyro Helmet. My current one is loosing all its padding, and the local bike shop has a red and black Gyro for $45 american, which I think I might as well get it.
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    how long do you ride a day?

    My computers odometer is close to 80 total miles for this season (april-may). I would think its pretty good for a weekend warrior.
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    New top speed...

    maybe the hill isn't steep enough? my problem is that basically every hill around my area either ends in a sharp left or sharp right corner, so I have to slow down halfway down the hill. I usually can pick up 20 MPH on the flats, 10 MPH uphill. I recently got a speed of 35 MPH downhill (very...
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    New top speed...

    I matched my top speed of 33 MPH. I just cannot seem to beat it. I just run out of gears. (21 speed). Any suggestions on how to increase my speed without modding my bike? I think one of the reasons why I cannot get up speed and keep it is because at every downhill, theres a sharp corner...
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    grip shift or rapid fire?

    I definatly perfer gripshift. I think (with gripshift) its easier to shift gears going uphills and certain times when I'm not sitting on my bike seat. I've found I can only switch gears with rapidfire if I'm sitting down, so that cuts it out for me.
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    5 best mountain bike towns?

    Why Ithaca? that's nowhere near the best town. Why didn't they pick any other town on the appalacian trail?
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    New top speed...

    Wow, I'm very slow.......
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    how long do you ride a day?

    Well, I cut my 4 mile time down to 20 minutes this past weekend. I was pretty stoked. :)
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    New top speed...

    So, I went biking last night in Kennedy park (local walking/biking trails), and had a great time....tons of bikers there, and loads of mosquitos. So, getting to the point, when I was riding back down the hill toward my ride home, I clicked into 21st gear, and floored it. I looked down @ my...