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    Another shorts question

    Jerry, Does 6oz. Nylon/Spandex tell you anything?They are Trek brand "club" shorts. Thanks
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    Another shorts question

    I am new to cycling and recently bought my first pair of shorts. I know they are meant to be worn sans underwear but just how much flesh is normally seen through these things? I swear I can make out skin if I look close enough. Do you shave this area to prevent hair from making it's presence known?
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    Shorts and shaving

    From what I understand cycling shorts are meant to be worn alone,nothing underneath, right? Does anyone out there find it necessary to shave in this region, for a more streamlined look?
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    traffic infringement

    Here in Ohio I've read that in that situation it is legal to treat the light as a stop sign. Anyone disagree?
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    Help a novice

    I currently commute 18-19 miles round trip to work on a Trek 4300 mountain bike at an average of 14-15 miles an hour. I am getting a Trek 1200 road bike before I attempt the century, so hopefully that will help up my average. The terrain is rolling to flat.
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    Help a novice

    If I can find someone to tolerate a newbie then I would like to ride in a group.
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    Help a novice

    Lets say there is a new cyclist out there that at the current time knows zero about health, nutrition and supplements but has been riding 60-100 miles a week for 4 months and wants to attempt a century ride in the near future. In the most basic terms can you inform this cyclist what he should be...
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    Bike suggestions for heavy rider

    How long have you had your 1200? Did you upgrade the wheels or keep them stock? Thanks.
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    Giant builds Trek, Specialized and Gary Fisher frames????

    :eek: The owner of the LBS told me today that Giant builds frames for Trek, Specialized and Gary Fisher. Can this be true?
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    Bike suggestions for heavy rider

    I'm looking to buy an entry level road bike. It will be used for commuting and possibly an occasional race. I'm concerned about finding a bike that will handle my 225lb 6'4" frame. Any specific bikes come to mind in the $800-$900 range? Thanks
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    Changing lubes

    How should I prepare a chain I've been using wax lube on for a change to an oil based lube? I don't suppose a "hosing off" is sufficient? Thanks
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    Cassette and New Chain??

    Sounds like you are having the same problem that I am having. Chain skip in high gear when accelerating hard or climbing a hill. My bike is less than 6 months old with under 1000 miles. How certain are you that the problem is in the chain or cassette? That's what I was leaning toward on my bike...
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    Wax chain lubricant

    I'd like to hear other cyclists experiences with wax chain lubricant. Any pointers in it's use? Would you even recommend it's use? Thanks
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    Trek warranty claim and Bontrager wheels

    Does anyone have experience getting warranty service/parts from Trek? How did it go? Also, part of the groove in the sides of my Bontrager 750 rims is gone. I'm under the impression this is a wear indicator and if it is worn to that point the wheel must be replaced. The bike is 6 months old with...
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    Trek 4300 Problem

    The dealer checked for that and thought there might have been a couple of stiff links, which he said he corrected. Today was my first ride since then and it skipped on my first climb. Any other thoughts? Thanks.