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    Ever try online dating?

    I want to try online dating. I would like to know what can increase my chances of successful online dating? Do you have any recommendations? I thank you in advance for your advice.
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    Car selection

    Personally, I like Japanese cars. They are both comfortable and have many options and they are reliable. It is not even necessary to purchase a new car, since the supported one will serve a very long time.
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    In the search for labor hire

    There are organizations such as employment booros, there are separate companies that can help you, pick up people. For example, my brother needed labor for his company. He said that on the, he was very much helped and selected good specialists. You can read...
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    Design for a bike shop.

    Try finding information on the Internet. Now quite a few designers can be found in different directions. I was once told to study as a designer, but I went in a different direction.
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    It's cold in the house, what to do?

    We moved into a new house and it's cold. How can we solve this problem? I understand that it is necessary to insulate the whole house. What can you recommend to me, where do I need to start solving this problem?