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    Are our roads safe enough for bikes?

    A lot of the time but I still think that road positioning is a really impotant thing and that's just something you have to learn over time, often through having a few moments as someone turns across in front of you.
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    Are our roads safe enough for bikes?

    I've been cycling reasonably consistently for about five years now. I've noticed that over that time the amount I get abused and carved up by cars has slowly but steadily declined over that time and these days I basically don't have problems on the road. My work commute is St Georges Rd, then up...
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    Yay for the happy thing

    Heh...she already has the spare room as a sewing room. The bikes live in the garage.
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    Yay for the happy thing

    And we were already planning to do that anyway. Children are in the planning stage and we're about to buy a house :)
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    Tyre prices

    I wouldn't trust Dunlop to make a whole bike (and I'm sure that I'veseen that somewhere...too lazy to google for it) but I'm willing to bet that they make a passable tyre :) First pneumatic tyre was a Dunlop bike tyre after all.
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    Fscking Shimano!!

    So are triple sized quadriceps dodecariceps?
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    More Green Bikelash? Strange evenhandedness . . .

    *giggles* Can you get a carbon offset allowance for locking carbon into aramid fibres?
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    Um Reifenbreite

    Never "Zwei bier bitte"? Time spent speaking German is drinking time wasted.
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    Surviving le Tour

    Only if you use the self-basting ones.
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    Surviving le Tour

    Orange zest and cardamom rice pudding.... *drools* That's utter genius.
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    i need hellp deciding which bike!

    That Fuji is a delightful looking thing. I do have to say (again) that as far as bar setups go, the bullhorn bars with the non-sti brake levers and the bar-cons up front is a really good way to go, if only for the fact that you can grab a big handful of brake from the most comfortable riding...
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    women not safe on brisbane bike paths

    Absolutely. Mind you, I can't help but hope that he tries it on with someone like Tam who'd cheerfully wedge his bollocks somewhere up near the pineal gland.
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    No safety benefit in reducing CBD speed limit to 40km/h

    Whups...I missed a crucial point. This is only referring to the CBD. 40kph would be fair and reasonable along most roads in the CBD grid.
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    No safety benefit in reducing CBD speed limit to 40km/h

    You'd hope so, but adjusted risk compensation comes into it. Take a look at the behaviour of drivers (as well as pedestrians and cyclists) in current 40kph zones. Once you get down to that sort of speed, you start seeing a lot more unusual actions from road users that seem to indicate that they...
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    Cheap "bikes"

    I have a friend who doesn't ride much these days, but he has an old roadbike with some gorgeous Nuovo Recordesque high flange Superbe hubs. Apparently everyone who's at all interested in bike comments on them the moment they see the bike, myself included.