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    Wheelbuild for heavy rider

    Expensive I'll grant you. Complicated? I don't think so.
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    Front Derailleur On Carbon Fiber Frame: Braze-On Or Clamp-On?

    If you're positive that you want to use a conventional 53/39 crankset, get the braze-on (bond-on?) because it's cleaner looking. If you have any doubt about maybe wanting to try a compact at some point in the future, I'd go with a clamp-on for better adjustability.
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    Wheelbuilding 30 years ago

    I'm in the process of building a wheelset for personal use. I decided to go old school and use bees wax for spoke prep. I can tell you that it's a bit more labor intensive than Wheelsmith Spoke Prep and way more labor intensive than linseed oil. I'll let you know in about 6 months if I think...
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    Need advice on conversion, chain pitch, flat bar, blah blah

    Probably not. The 10-speed chain will be too narrow to mesh over the track chainring.
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    Is my bike frame bent?

    You really have 2 questions: How damaged is the bike? and How to squeeze the repair or replacement cost out of the lady? The second answer is easy. If you put any value on your own time you probably aren't going to get enough money from this lady to come out ahead. I wouldn't count on getting...
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    Thomson stems and seatpost Q

    Yup, you're right. Specialized stems and seatposts are what you'd get if Thompson had kept a closer eye on the cost-o-meter insted of just trying to make the best product he could.
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    Which bike to buy

    Easier than you think. Forget about the bike and start shopping for a bike store. What you are looking for are people who sound knowledgable, are easy to talk to and seem more interested in you and how you plan to use the bike than in showing you everything they have. Once you find the right...
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    Trek 1.5?

    I think that I'd either go down a model or up a model. It looks to me like the main thing you get over the 1.2 is the low spoke count wheels. That's a real visable upgrade just not one I'm be particularly interested in. If you go up to the 2.1 you get Tiagra shifters that don't have the...
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    Can I get Peugeot Blue touch up paint?

    I generally touch up the paint with clear nail polish. It's much less distracting than a "not quite" color match.
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    Can I get Peugeot Blue touch up paint?

    Keep in mind that, if your touch up paint doesn't match PERFECTLY you might as well paint it yellow because the mismatch will draw your eye to the nick.
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    MTB freewheel removal problem

    That's one of the drawbacks of spin-on freewheels. Everytime that you ride up a hill your freewheel tightens itself. The longer it's been in place the harder it is to get it off.
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    dt revolutions?

    How experienced are you at wheel building? I wouldn't recommend Revolutions for one's first wheel build. They wind up a lot and, as a result, can be more frustrating to work with.
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    Interested in getting a hybrid bike

    At price point the bikes themselves are really pretty similar and the most significant differences are probably in the dealer. If you're happy with the dealer, I'd say buy the Scott.
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    Inexpensive Wheels

    Mavic Open Pro rims on Ultegra hubs. Not the lightest, not the most aero and not the greatest bling factor but a wheelset that you'll never have to apologize for in any company. Generally $200 to $250 from any of the larger internet houses. Bang for the buck it's a pretty hard combination...
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    Chain length

    First, take a good look at your chain. You can't add just 1 link. The quick, dirty test is to gingerly try to shift into your big/big combination. If it'll shift up into that combination (my bet) and still give you a little chain slack you're good-to-go. Don't try doing this by pedaling up...