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    I noticed a lot more commuter bikers!

    I would bike to school, but class is only about 2 blocks from my dorm. It's quicker than a subway train, but an express train wins. Of course, the bike has a reserved seat.
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    arched back

    I was riding yesterday, and someone noticed that my back had an arch to it and that I should raise my handlebar. I though nothing of it, after all my handle bar isn't set up for anything extreme, I estimate my back is something around 60-70 degrees off the ground. Later I realized that I was...
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    Post ride meal

    After bike the drive I heated up a tombstone pizza. It's my usual post ride meal, as it contains all of the macro nutrients and in good quantities.
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    Are the ultra high gas prices hurting you?

    The US has a very extensive freight rail network. I get the feeling that a ton of freight is being transported by the rails. The railroads are making big bucks, and passanger trains are frequenly delayed because of freight traffic. The real problem is that many expressways are free. Drivers...
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    SRAM is looking for an engineer!

    Damn. I would apply for that in a heartbeat if I had any experiance in engeneering.
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    Define "Cyclist"

    A cyclist is someone who considers bad weather to be 20mph winds.
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    Trouble removing chain

    Okay, now I really fudged things. I've got the chain going through the derailer the wrong way, and a broken tool. Time to take it to the bike shop.
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    Trouble removing chain

    Clean every 150 miles? Seems exessive. Anyways, I figured out the problem. The tool is tightening up the rivet too much. I can just use the tool to loosen it up after I get the rivet centered. Also, the lube I have on hand is tri-flow. Ah well.
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    Trouble removing chain

    Okay, I got it off. I was able to get the pin out by inserting it into the slot on the tool closest to the pin of the tool. I emerged it in the degreaser, which came out yellow, but quickly turned a dark black. The links are still stiff even though I got the pin centered. I'm to embarresed to go...
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    Trouble removing chain

    But how am I suppossed to remove it. The chain is a KMC Z-9000 (According to fuji specs). Is there something special about this chain that makes it harder to remove?
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    Trouble removing chain

    I got an tool from my bike store for pushing the rivet out of a chain. I tried it out on an old bike to get the hang of removing a chain. After successfully removing the chain and reinstalling, I tried to remove the chain from my bike in order to clean it. After coming into contact with the...
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    Shimano electric shifters?

    I don't think it would be that complicated to intergrate sensors onto both sides of the derailer cage. I would go totally bannas if the system completly eliminated the practice of trimming, or even just looking down when shifting from one chainring to another.
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    Shimano electric shifters?

    Maybe you could program the front derailer to take a certain position based on the rear sprocket that is choosen. Or perhaps have a system to detect when the chain is rubbing against the derailer cage.
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    Shimano electric shifters?

    If this eliminates the need to correctly possition the front derailer, then I'm all for it.
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    Rock N Roll lubed my chain!

    Performance always has plenty by the cash register.