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    Mountain Biking Or Cycling In Morocco

    I've always wanted to bike around the world and see different spots via cycling. I think it's the best way to go sight seeing at the same time doing something in love to do which is cycling. Getting in shape and at the same time seeing and experiencing different places in the world you just...
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    Mountain Biking And Camping

    Up here in California we have big bear and it's a great location to mountain bike and camp at the same time. There's lots of great scenery and of course big bear lake. Personally i like this a lot because it's close to home and the roads aren't hard to bike at all. There are a lot of avid...
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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    Not sure if it's even legal to carry one while riding out here in California but I don't feel that its needed on rides especially the weight of the weapon might be of burdensome and rather annoying while I ride.
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    How many of you carry a cucumber as part of your cycling equipment?

    Lol can't say I have carried a cucumber while riding but I usually have a pocket knife or a multi tool with me on every ride they come in handy but I might have to think about the cucumber deal now as well
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    Thanks man yah it's pretty awesome here but San Diego isn't bad either the only problem is I haven't had much time to explore the area here in terms of trails to ride on. I use to go almost every weekend on trail rides back when I use to live in Los Angeles. La tuna canyon, el prieto were some...
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    Cyclist dies after collision with tip truck

    It's the risk bicylists face each time we ride on the streets and for some they have to pay the ultimate price for either being careless and not wearing a helmet or being a victim to careless drivers. When I go riding I'm super careful and thank God I have not got into any major accidents. Keep...
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    Helmets For All? Or Just Some?

    I personally don't like wearing helmets nor do I like the idea having someone tell us to wear them But i definitely do think that safety is the utmost priority when you're out there riding on the streets or trails on a bike especially in Los Angeles where i live and where the drivers sometimes...
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    cycling in cold weather

    Usually when I ride in cold weather I wear a windbreaker of some sort with some shorts. I don't over dress because when I do I usually get warm in the middle of my rides. Just as long as I have my torso covered then I'm free to wear shorts. On extremely cold weather I wear longer socks and some...
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    Mountain Biking And Camping

    Hey Josh that looks so picturesque ! And so beautiful.
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    Mountain Biking For Me

    It looks to be a great place to go mountain biking. The rolling hills and the flat grass that's a rider's dream lanscape
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    Is Wearing A Reflector Necessary During The Day Or At Night Only?

    I think whenever it involves safety there's shouldn't even be a question. Here in Los Angeles traffic is crazy and so are the drivers so I have mine on all the time
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    Another Knee Pain Victim!

    If it's got to the point where the pain is excruciatingly painful and it's giving you problems I think no amount of research on your end can help you unfortunately and that's when you seek medical attention and a professional opinion. When you do get better and riding on the saddle again make...
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    The best cycling products of 2015

    The best purchase I made in 2015 for my bike is a set of tail lights front and rear lights that are usb rechargeable. I got them at tjmaxx for $6 and found it at another store for $59 !!!
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    Presta valve

    I recently bought a tube for my bike and tried replacing the tube but when I inserted the tube the valve wouldn't fit the little hole in the bike rim, does anyone know what i did wrong here or do I need a tube with a presta valve ?
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    Getting into road biking

    I'm thinking about getting into the road biking scene guys I currently do a lot if mountain biking all across southern california and have come across a lot of road bikers who seem to enjoy road biking as much as they did mountain biking and I'd like to give it a try. Any advice from any...