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    Can i move my shifters?

    Thanks Dave! Totally makes sense now. Ill have to check mine. Im 99% sure they are pure friction but im questioning because the ones on the Traveler that im building up for my sister seem to have a little knob that can be turned but i didnt know what it was for. Thanks again!
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    Can i move my shifters?

    As i woke up and looked at my bike this morning (its kept in my room since my city is in the top two for bike theft) it hit me that the downtube is almost twice the size of the quill and wouldnt work. They arent index, its a 10 speed. I dont know what friction i said still new...
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    Crank Brothers Iodine 3 Saddle

    Hey so i found on one of the discount sites i get emails from a Crank Brothers Iodine 3 saddle for WELL under retail. In the description it is called an "All mountain" saddle. Im not doing any racing or anything like that (yet), more of commuting and long liesurely rides around the bike trails...
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    Can i move my shifters?

    Im new to cycling. I picked up an old Schwinn Sprint for free. It needs some love so im slowly upgrading it. My latest upgrade was from a threaded riser to thread-less. I have run into a problem. The shifters mounted on the quill (that was much longer) before and i dont have enough room to mount...