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    Inattentiveness, a rabbit, and a BROKEN HIP

    Here’s a sad cycling story that happened to me and my wife this week… Nancy and I went out for a quick ride this past Wednesday morning. We headed out for a short 6 mile ride through a nearby nature preserve to get the day started. (Hey even a short ride's better than no ride...
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    The 50 Greatest things about Cycling

    That was awesome! Thanks, I'm going to copy and paste this one :) What a creative mind!!!
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    Dropped Riders and Dropped Teams :-(

    Perhaps. But then again, perhaps I am right. I believe Rasmussen is a doper. And apparently I'm not the only one who does...
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    Dropped Riders and Dropped Teams :-(

    P.S. This year's Tour is turning into a Jerry Springer show.
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    Dropped Riders and Dropped Teams :-(

    Alexandre Vinokourov -- Team Astana Patrick Sinkiewitz -- Team T-Mobile Cristian Moreni -- Team Cofidis Michael Rasmussen -- Team Rabobank This is totally INSANE!!! 4 Riders and 2 Teams dropped from the tour on account of doping. The sport of cycling is tarnished. You want to believe...
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    Will it ever end...

    A real kick in the gut!!!
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    My right foot is killing me

    Any thoughts on what type of insert could provide more arch support and still fit inside the shoe?
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    Sram Force Vs. Dura Ace

    I concur with those who posted above. I have a mix of Record and Chorus on my bike. I've also run Veloce parts which are very good too. Why ride Japanese when you can ride Italian for nearly the same money?
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    My right foot is killing me

    One more question... Is there any technique for cleat adjustment that might help to minimize this condition?
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    My right foot is killing me

    I have always had this condition. Sometimes it is worse than others, but it ALWAYS exists. I assume it is an anatomical issue of my foot. However I don't experience foot pain at any other time than riding. BTW, I have tried loosening my velcro on my shoe to try to get some relief. Still...
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    My right foot is killing me

    Do any of you guys/gals have advice for an aching foot? The right side bottom of my right foot aches with excruciating pain right after I ride. I've tried adjusting the cleat. I try wiggling my toes while I ride. Nothing seems to help. Toward the end of even a short few mile ride the foot is...
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    WOW! Check this anti cyclist ranter!

    Mean spirited car drivers are more of a threat than all cyclists combined! Back in the 70's when I was a young fella riding on the mean streets of Miami (drivers there can be real nasty). I used to have a couple of tricks that were fun to employ... 1. I had a gray colored...
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    Hit by flying soda can

    When I was a teenager I lived in Miami (what a crappy town for riding). I was doing some racing back then and I would go on longish rides every day. One time I was riding in South Miami and one of the lovely citizens of Miami drove by and threw a beer bottle at my back. The bottle broke and...
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    I discovered an AWESOME floor pump

    I have been using a Park floor pump. It's a cheap pump that works OK. Well I went on a bike tour this week ( and I inflated the tires on their bike before we took off. I grabbed their pump and filled the tires. Oh my goodness! I have never experienced such a nice...
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    Steel versus carbon

    DM4, I really like Winged C's too. My favorite KT88's (up until I tried the Shuguang smooth-plates) were Winged C's. BTW, how do the Tele's compare to Mullard's in 12AX7's? I really like the warm sound of Mullard's, I've never tried Tele's. Wurm, You've got some hot stuff there too! I'm...