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    Can't decide Trek Pilot 5.2 or Specialized Roubaix Expert

    Yet Trek quit making the Pilot after the 2008 model year and Specialized still makes the Roubaix. Go figure.
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    Anyone tried Performance Inertial Trainer?

    You will not go wrong with the KK. I have a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, my wife has a CycleOps Fluid2, and my daughter and son-in-law have a Performance Travel Track Century Fluid. Both the KK and the CycleOps beat the Travel Track hands down. I like the mechanism that locks the bike in place...
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    Newbie to the cycling world, A 2006 Giant tcr2 or Trek Pilot 1.2

    And for exactly the opposite reason as ghostpedal, I went the other way. Actually, I ended up with a Specialized Roubaix Elite, but my focus was to find a bike that I would be comfortable riding on long event rides. I am 54 years old and have no ambition to race. I ride for the enjoyment and...
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    Excessive peeing during workouts!

    A hemaglobin A1c assessment is easier and would give the same answer. It is true that in early type II diabetes, one can fast oneself to a normal glucose, but to have a normal hemaglobin A1c one would have to have a normal glucose for a week or more. If glulcose goes up immediately after meals...
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    Excessive peeing during workouts!

    I do not buy the metabolite argument, but I agree with most everything else that has been posted. Exercise will increse metabolism and the concentration of the metaolic wasts products (primarily creatinine and urea, but also ketones if your carbohydrate intake is not keeping up with your energy...
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    Specialized Allez Sport Triple

    Definitely invest in some good shoes and clipless pedals. There are many threads on which is best, but there really is no right answer. A lot of the answer depends on how and where you ride and whether you have any problems with your knees. Speedplay are nice becuase you can clip in from...
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    Can't loose weight but putting on muscle

    With the prednisolone and weight, it is all in the dose. At high doses, prednisolone will cause abnormal fat accumulation between the shoulder blades and in the abdomin. At most doses, prednisolone will cause sodium, and therefore fluid, accumulation. The problem with using BMI as an...
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    bike for a clydesdale

    At 225 pounds most road bikes within your price range will work. The problems with rider weight and the bike's ability to withstand it are in the high-end bikes, where 185 to 195 pounds seems to be the upper limit. The lower-end bikes have heavier frames and wheels with more spokes, and are fine...
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    which would you buy

    If the shop (and the bike) was at 72 degrees when the derailleur was adjusted, and you are riding at 26 degrees, that could impact the cable tension. I do not usually ride when it is below about 35 degrees, and I have never ridden my hybrid it was below about 60 degrees. I can understand having...
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    which would you buy

    One advantage of the SRAM twist shifters is that there are several trim positions for the front derailleur that are not present on the Shimano shifters. If the rub is coming from the front derailleur, using a different trim position might eliminate it.
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    which would you buy

    The SRAM twist shifters are a love/hate thing. My wife loves them. I hate them, which is why I bought a Specialized Crossroads instead of the 7300. As far as the Deore rear derailleur, something does not sound right. I have the Deore on my Crossroads and do not have any of the problems you...
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    Best Road bike for the money

    As long as there is no ice on the road, get some winter cycling clothes and ride.
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    donating blood to lower cholesterol?

    Dietary cholesterol accounts for 10% to 30% of the total. The majority of the cholesterol is made by the liver. Donating plasma has a limited effect because the body is going to replace what is removed faster than you can donate plasma. In patients with familial hyperlipidemia (severly high...
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    New bike, advice appreciated

    Serotta has a full carbon custom frame, too, along with full titanium, titanium/carbon, steel, and steel/carbon.
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    donating blood to lower cholesterol?

    Cholesterol is made by your liver and is stored in the body in more places than just in the blood. The plasma is the window where cholesterol is measured, and cholesterol in the plasma is in equilibrium with that in the rest of the body. When you remove a pint of blood, the cholesterol will...