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    LBS - $100 - $150 USD Demo Charge

    sounds like you went to the 'shop' over on 38th in wheatridge. head over to schwab off of colfax in lakewood. they are very good to deal with and have build us 2 waterfords in the past year and we have nothing but good things to say about them. tell them what you are looking for and they will...
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    to custom or not to custom?

    there is no reason to justify your toys. I went custom on my bikes since i wanted a certain fit and geometry that i could not find in an off the shelf bike. A year later we had another custom bike made for my wife. Check around and i am sure you can find a custom builder that will get you a...
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    105 vs Centaur

    the campy centaur shifts better than the my wifes old bike with Ultegra. Very mechanical feel to the campy shifting, some people like it, some people don't. Personally i like my shimano setup, but my wife loves the campy as it fits her hands better.
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    flat tires and rubber

    look at the Continental GP 3000 4-Season. They have gaterskin wich reduces the chance of flats and still have a good ride quality. I use them all fall into the winter. Never have a problem with excessive flats.
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    cassette wobbly?

    good chance the axle is bent. In the older screw cassettes when the cassette wobbled either you were missing bearing in the hub or the axle was bent.
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    don - that is the funniest thing i have heard all day. i shave every 2 weeks or so. if you want a happy ending find a nice palour and pay cash. If you want a deep tissue massage ask around to some of your local riders and maybe they can recommend someone there locally.
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    Rear derailleur compatability Question

    yes you can use a regular derailer that is fine. Make sure the cassette itself is snug and that your chain and cassette are not overly worn. You might need a new chain and cassette. I doubt there is much wrong with the derailler if the cage is straight, the pulleys are in good condition and the...
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    Disc Brakes ??

    for most people standard V-Brakes (avids or shimano's) are more than enough stopping power. Unless you are braking heavy constantly the benefits of hydraulic disc brakes will never be found, eg. downhill racing, or riding in very messy/muddy conitions. I did not mention cable actuated disc...
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    Trek 5000 stock, Upgrade questions..

    A coach can help you find out what your real weaknesses are and help you focus on becoming a great cyclist. Please do not train harder, but train smarter. Improving your weaknesses will make you stronger and faster. If you start a structured training program don't lose site of why you started to...
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    can anyone recommend a roof rack?

    also chck out Rocky Mounts. they make a really good rack for less than the Yakima and Thule products go for. We have been using Rockt Mounts since 97 and have worked flawlessly. I belive that have attachments now for factory racks. If you need to buy a set of Thule or Yakima load bars and then...
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    Can't afford SRM or PT right now, other power measurement tools?

    Thanks for the link. But i need to wait till next season to buy one. I have a few other things i need to take care of first. We decided to put in hardwood floors and the wife wants a new Audi. So my powertap will have to wait till 2006 sometime. But this gives me time to learn more and figure...
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    Trek 5000 stock, Upgrade questions..

    hahha.. i guess i am just jelous i can't just dispose of a Trek 5000 for cheap and go drop another $5-6k on a new bike thinking it will make me fast. I figured it out a long time ago the only way i wil improve on hills and get faster is to ride more and to train effectively. Remember 'Train...
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    Avoid front small, rear small gear combo?

    yes this is to be expected. you have cross chained the drivetrain. We all hit the combo sometime and it is just part of cycling. Try not to do and you will be fine.
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    Bike Stand Help. Which one should I purchase?

    take a look at the stands form ultimate. They have a good clamp design and are very stable.
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    20mm vs. 23mm tires

    unless you are racing and need to save a couple grams form your wheels ride a 23. A good 23 will ride smoother, absorb more impact and road imperfections and handle better.