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    How do you like Giro route

    I cant wait!
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    Best British Rider Ever :

    Tom Simpson.
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    Tour 2006 predictions.

    Because if deep down they were honest with you , Riis and Basso would admit they didnt think they could beat Armstrong after he laid down the marker on the opening prologue.That was Tour over barring accident or illness. CSC are a savvy outfit and have to be to keep sponsorship - they've...
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    Ullrich to ride the Giro...?

    But as you say , this Giro is going to be so tough if he is using it as a training ride he could get utterly embarrassed. Personally i think it will do him more harm than good - i doubt he will do it. If he comes into Spring in his best shape for ages , then the Giro wont be needed and he can...
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    Big arms and cycling

    Theyre in the gym more than they are on the bike mate. Chris Hoy spends more time doing squats than anything else.Naturally he will lift weights for his upper body aswell - its integral for short haul trackies to have strength just about everywhere.
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    Juan Flecha Backs Simeoni

    Flecha seems a stand-up guy.Im inclined to believe what he says. And spitting is bad period.If USPS spat at Simeoni they should have Pro Tour points taken away or something - as for the fans on Alpe D'Huez - they put football yobs to shame , utterly disgusting. Lance must really regret...
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    Armstrong Donation

    Exactly. Besides , if he hadnt made it public , you'd probably be critcizing him for not donating. Either way the mans in a no-win situation. Incidentally , how much have those who like to knock him donated to charity or seeing as thats probably not a fair comparsion , how much time and effort...
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    The year of Hincapie, wins again

    Well it wasnt fixed last year! Well the 1-2 was , but 1st didnt seem to be decided given the manner and margin of victory :D had the time keepers a bit worried. Dont worry lad, im a big boy , i didnt even cry when i realised there was no Santa :p (i trust i havent upset you there?! ;) )
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    Vuelta Espana - 2005

    yeah i have alot of time for Botero too.He has an interesting background for a pro bike racer.
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    Fantasy Vuelta a España

    Ok that suits me Ironfist.As long as i start with 9!You have a big job on your hands here unless you have some fancy computer programme to help you.
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    Vuelta Espana - 2005

    Watching it now! Ol' Dave only has his 6 inch montior to distinguish riders from he keeps reminding us - cant blame him for not being 100% sure. Riders should have names on their backs/bums like other sportsmen , much more sensible than numbers! I was deciding which 2 Phonak riders to have of...
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    Vuelta Espana - 2005

    About to watch highlights on ES1 as was out riding all day. But i heard Pereiro lost 8 mins? WTH? oh well there goes my podium. Still , this race usually has big swings in the mountains.Far more topsy-turvey than the other 2 tours.
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    The year of Hincapie, wins again

    He also won the 62nd Criterium of Quillan the day after San Seb , but the cycling media didnt bother commenting on that :mad: He beat Hushovd into 2nd by a county mile - parents tell me he was a thoroughly decent chap and stood around for absolute ages signing autographs afterwards till...
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    Vuelta Espana - 2005

    Its a log tour.1 min is nothing on day 1 , theres no Armstrong to lead from the front , i expect the Amarillo to swap hands quite a lot. Better to judge when they get to Andorra in a week and even then some climbers may leave their powder dry or be riding into form for the end of the 2nd week.