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    Deutschland-Tour 2007

    That looks (or looked) a very nice climb! It seems they suffered a lot between -3 and -2 km to the top. What time they did this year?
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    Deutschland-Tour 2007

    Any info about Uran? His crash was spectacular, but nasty :(....i hope it's nothing more than his right collarbone. Video:
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    Free download magazine, PDF (in italian) On pages 18-19 one rare interview with him. BTW nice (free) magazine is
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    And he's not the only one, of course. Timothy Jones is one of his team mates too. I can bet Rasmussen will come to race Gran Fondo next year :eek: if he stays without pro contract.
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    He's doing and winning almost every Sunday racing in Gran Fondo. At the begin of the year he missed a doping control. I give you this curiosity fact....during Gran Fondo Pantani, this year, after doing the Gavia and the Mortirolo the final loop was the same as the 1994 Giro Stage won by Pantani...
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    Mayo Positive For EPO

    Not sad, but right and sweeping act... next head to roll is Alpuerto Contapuerto...I hope it'll happen so all Spanish hidden names (as Valverde) and other big fishes (Discovery or former USPostal) will emerge.
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    The best drug team in the world?

    You all forgot the Rat Rominger....mind you...he's doping manager now :D
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    Why do we care about riders using EPO anyway?

    Indeed...amd it's a shame riders as CUNEGO (ops CUNEPO) and VISCONTI (2007 italian champ) and RICCO' can ride with levels above 50....
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    Cadel Evans working with Ferrari.

    Kirchen the first clean?
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    Rasmussen out of the tour!!!

    Furthermore this Rasmussen affair looks like a political battle between UCI (Protour) and tour organizers who wants to split from ProTour. ASO accuses UCI they know Rasmussen situation even 1 months ago but said nothing to ASO neither took any decision about it. Sad and of course $$ involved...
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    Rasmussen out of the tour!!!

    If AlPuerto Contador will win...they could have done less "damage" letting Ras still on race. 3 names for sure where cancelled from Puerto list: Alpuerto, ValvPiti and Paulino....guess....2 spanish and 1 soon hired by DC. Who went to DC had stong protection, when evidence were not soo enormous...
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    Rasmussen out of the tour!!!

    If ContaPuerto will'll be a HUGE SHAME!!!!! HUGE.... In the peloton everyone know what the others do....maybe this messed situation will bring others to open their mouth. I predict there is not going to be any start of stage today... But the clean must begin also banning ex pro dopers...
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    Rasmussen out of the tour!!!

    I dont know if i'm wrong, but among the first.....who can be "saved", i mean "clean"? ContaPuerto, no way Evans, maybe Leipheimer, no way, he got all LA tricks Sastre, maybe....what he did in this tour? Zubelida, unlikely Piti....what a shame he's riding (same as ContaPuerto) Kirchen....same...
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    In search of Robert Millar - cycling's Morrissey. To resume, they found he had operation and now is a woman.
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    VISTA pedals and oval chainrings

    I'm getting interested in these pedals and chainrings too (they look cheaper than other oval rings outside). How do you find the pedals so far?